Faculty member of the Month: Lori Martin

Lori with her loving husband.

September 12, 2017

As the school year begins, we have a lot of firsts. Along with the many students having their first days of high school, we also have the first faculty member of the month: Lori Martin. Lori has been a secretary at Sheridan High School since October, 1998, making this her 19th year! She is very honored...

Get Your Tech On With Mrs. Hill

Get Your Tech On With Mrs. Hill

Mariah Moore, Author

September 7, 2017

Getting to Know Mrs. Hill With a new year, comes many changes, one of these changes includes the staff here at Sheridan High School. One of the three new teachers at the high school is Mrs.Teresa Hill. Mrs. Hill is taking over the computer science/technology classes in place of  Mr. Burkhart.  She ha...

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Camryn Wolfe, Author

September 7, 2017

As many of you may know, this past week Texas was hit by the devastating Hurricane Harvey. Over 70 people have been killed and many others have been affected. Thousands of homes have been destroyed due to flooding, shelters are crowded and there are reports that it will takes years to recover from thi...

The Generals Pounce on the Panthers

The Sheridan Generals enter the field  pumped for their second game of the season.

September 7, 2017

The Sheridan Generals football team defended our turf at home on Friday night against the Maysville Panthers with an outstanding win of 33 - 18. Jarrett Munyan took command of the game with his 141 rushing yards and two touchdowns- one being a 50 yard run! But he didn't stop there, with the connecting...

Advice to the Freshman

Kaitlin Flowers, Copy Editor

September 5, 2017

The first year of high school is always awkward for most incoming freshman: there's a ton of older people, you have no idea where half of your classes are, and you're afraid to ask anyone for help when you really need it. Well, speaking as a senior, you shouldn't have to worry about any of those thi...

1st Annual Sheridan High School Modern and Classic Car and Truck Show

1st Annual Sheridan High School Modern and Classic Car and Truck Show

July 20, 2017

On September 30th, 2017, Sheridan High School will be holding its first ever car and truck show at the Sheridan High School parking lot at 8725 Sheridan Rd, Thornville, OH 43076. It will include a judged classic and modern car/truck show with trophies, a food truck line, a vendor and kid’s game alley, ...

It’s Not Just You; It is Family

Rain Wiseman, Author

May 2, 2017

Over 30 million Americans are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse (www.narconon.org.) Of these 30 million over 15 million are parents. Many many families in America and across the world are plagued by addiction. Sadly the reach of substance spans much further than the addict. Children are arguably...

Lobster Pizza: What in Crustacean?

Anya Bartek, Contributer

March 29, 2017

I went to Red Lobster and decided to try the most interesting-sounding item I could find. I settled on a lobster pizza. Before the pizza was brought out, the iconic Red Lobster bread was brought to our table- accompanied with incredibly friendly and fast service. There’s nothing quite like the ta...

Whits Frozen Custard

Whits Frozen Custard

Ryan Carsey, Contributer

March 29, 2017

With the Spring and Summer months coming up, everyone loves to grab a delicious ice cream. Whits Frozen Custard in Buckeye Lake is now open. Whits is a great place to go to get sundaes, ice cream cakes, or pints of ice cream. With other locations like Heath, Granville, and Pataskala, the one in Buckeye...

Do what you love, love what you do

Cauy showing his silly side when I interviewed him.

Maddy Trowbridge, Author

March 23, 2017

Cauy Sprankle is an 8th grader at Sheridan Middle School who never fails to inspire myself and his peers. He is not just an ordinary boy, he is an amazing human who has never given up on himself. Cauy has a physical disability, he has been in a wheelchair for the majority of his life. Trust me, m...

Profile Piece- Samantha Callahan

March 23, 2017

Samantha Dawn Callahan is a little more quiet than most people, but she is definitely one of the most interesting people at Sheridan High School. You might not see her in the hallway often, but that’s because she is typically in Mr. Gioffre's room doing what she loves the most: art. All sorts of art....

Profile Article: Featuring Dalton Watson

Noel Spencer, Authors

March 14, 2017

Meet Dalton Watson! Subject: Computer Or Gaming Engineering Dalton Watson is eighteen and is a very passionate and dedicated person and is thought of as loyal and trustworthy. What I like about Dalton is you know you won't be let down and he pushes his things to the side to help other people with...

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