Dont ever look back, nothing is there.

A Lesson and Some More.

Jayden Fain, Author April 9, 2021

A lesson I've learned this month: don't live in the past. Get rid of the old so you can accept the new. If you make room for things you want in your life, it will come to you. If you don't change what...

Mr. Fazakus directing the band in the Generals Rage Cage.

Teacher Spotlight: What it takes to run the band season

Matthew Hilliard, Author March 26, 2021

How does Mr. Fazakas prepare for the band season? Everyone knows him, our beloved band teacher Mr. Fazakas. He, along with Mr. Otte, is responsible for getting the marching band together for football...

Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care

Charlee Gutridge, Author March 25, 2021

Universal health care is a system that provides medical services to all people. The government offers it to everyone even if they can not pay for it. By doing this, it can make universal health care expensive...

Ohio University upset reigning NCAA Champions Virginia, leaving no perfect brackets.

The Month of Upsets

Jensen Wolfe, Editor March 25, 2021

When basketball fans start filling out their brackets every march, one of the first things they think about are which upsets will they choose this year. The 2021 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament has seen...

Evolution of Human Technology

Evolution of Human Technology

Bladyn Glass and Noah Frame, Author March 1, 2021

The evolution of human technology is truly mesmerizing. With time technology is becoming more of a constant in everyday life; humans have evolved to a new plane of existence compared to our ancestors....

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Have you ever wondered how smart you really are. Is it possible that you are not smarter than a fifth grader? We asked seven students simple fifth grade questions. The inspiration for this video was the...

Flashback Fashion Trends

Flashback Fashion Trends

Charlee Gutridge February 25, 2021

There are fashion trends that we all bet we would never see again in stores. However like everything in life they come full-circle and many of them are back again.  "What goes around comes back eventually."-...

2020 Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer will join the reigning World Series Champions for the 2021 season

What to Expect from the MLB in 2021

Jensen Wolfe February 24, 2021

The start of the 2021 MLB season is quickly approaching as players are reporting to spring training sites in Florida and Arizona. After the free agency during the off-season, fans are wondering which teams...

Bows vs Firearms: Hunting White Tail Deer

Sonny DeJohn February 17, 2021

September 6 marked the first day of Ohio’s Archery deer hunting season. As hunters began preparing for what is arguably the best time of the year, the age old question arose once again. Which is superior:...

Online Shopping Pros and Cons

Elisa Snider February 17, 2021

The article "Pros and Cons of Online Shopping" written by Donna L. Montaldo creates a remarkable outline for both the positives and negatives of online shopping. Online shopping has several pros and cons...

Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield led Cleveland to their first playoff appearance in 18 years

Recapping What Has Happened in the NFL Playoffs so Far

Jensen Wolfe, Author January 20, 2021

After a strange regular season, it is finally time for the NFL Playoffs. The 2020-2021 NFL season has been full of postponements and many positive COVID-19 tests. Despite these challenges, the postseason...

Modern Pop Culture

Modern Pop Culture

Bladyn Glass, Author January 20, 2021

There is no doubt that music has changed over the past hundred years or so. Our modern culture has had its share of Rock and Roll, the Blues, and other big hit genres. The real question is how has music...

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