Morgan Wallens Top Hits

Morgan Wallen’s Top Hits

Mya Trent, Author May 19, 2021

Morgan Wallen being new into the country music world started his first hit Up Down in 2017, and it went completely viral. At first people didn't have a clue who he was and then he started making songs...

The Greek Deities

March 4, 2021

Who doesn't love some good ol' mythology? From Percy Jackson as a child, to deep discussions with Mr. Chennells, learning about Greek mythology can be entertaining and insightful. Do you know all twelve...

Evolution of Human Technology

Evolution of Human Technology

Bladyn Glass and Noah Frame, Author March 1, 2021

The evolution of human technology is truly mesmerizing. With time technology is becoming more of a constant in everyday life; humans have evolved to a new plane of existence compared to our ancestors....

Relationship Advice With Dr. Cupid

Nate Johnson, Author February 24, 2021

Prior to Valentine's Day, (senior) Nate Johnson, AKA Dr. Cupid, interviewed students at Sheridan High School about their relationships, and offered help. Dr. Cupid was asking students about how their relationships...

Perry County Fair 2020-2021

Perry County Fair 2020-2021

Mya Trent, Author February 24, 2021

The Perry County Fair of 2020 was definitely one to remember. From showing goats in past years I can tell you we knew very little this year in comparison to the past.  Most of last year we spent jack-potting...

Are You a Difficult Person?

Are You a Difficult Person?

Carley Kelley and London Huston February 18, 2021

The Difficult Person Test created by IDR Labs consists of 35 questions  and you will rate them on a from double thumbs down to double thumbs up depending on how much you agree with the statement. When...

Every Star Wars Movie: Ranked (a totally factual opinion article)

Every Star Wars Movie: Ranked (a totally factual opinion article)

Matthew Hilliard, Author February 17, 2021

Time for a totally original idea that no one has ever covered before, ranking the Star Wars movies, episodes I-IX . This list is not just an opinion, but it is fact, and if you do not agree with this list...

Bows vs Firearms: Hunting White Tail Deer

Sonny DeJohn February 17, 2021

September 6 marked the first day of Ohio’s Archery deer hunting season. As hunters began preparing for what is arguably the best time of the year, the age old question arose once again. Which is superior:...

Online Shopping Pros and Cons

Elisa Snider February 17, 2021

The article "Pros and Cons of Online Shopping" written by Donna L. Montaldo creates a remarkable outline for both the positives and negatives of online shopping. Online shopping has several pros and cons...


Disney Conspiracy Theories

Madison Thevenin, Author February 8, 2021

Disney is well known for their amazing Princess movies and their tendencies to kill off characters in the beginning of their films. There is a small trend that all of Disney's movies are tied together...

The Best Shakespeare Plays Taught in School, Ranked

The Best Shakespeare Plays Taught in School, Ranked

Kirstyn Gray , Section Editor January 20, 2021

The day an English teacher pulls out a Shakespearean play is one that many students dread. How does one even pronounce “iambic pentameter?”. But for me, I relish it - I love Shakespeare. That being...

Tennesee During Covid

Tennesee During Covid

Kayla Weekley, Author January 19, 2021

After months of lock down during the pandemic, it can get extremely boring in your house. Virtual tours just are not the same as being on the beach or a cabin in the mountains. All you can think about...

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