March Faculty Member of the Month


Mr. Gioffre with his mutant ninja turtles mug.

Stephen Gioffre, better known as Gio, has been working at Sheridan High School for almost 14 years as the art teacher. It is amazing to see how much he loves his job and all of his students. Mr. Gioffre was selected as the staff member of the month for March. He claims that he was very surprised and overwhelmed with joy when he was told that he would be recognized for the month of March.

Gio’s philosophy in the classroom is very short and sweet. He says, “Just to care for every student as if they were your own children.” Most students who take any art classes never regret it. Gio tries to make a connection to every student that walks into his classroom. In the art room, Gio has a “Wall of Fame” where he puts pictures that students give to him. If that’s not a connection, I don’t know what is.

Mr. Gioffre doesn’t only teach art but is very talented himself. His favorite technique is air brushing.

Gio’s air brushed stockings.

Gio l airbrushes things for fun, he even does it for students who ask. One of his most fond memories was when he airbrushed a student’s wheelchair. During Christmas this past year, he even airbrushed stockings for elementary school students.

Mr. Gioffre loves spending time with his children and wife. They do a lot of classic family activities. He says, “We go on family trips like going to the zoo, Cosi, and water parks.” Other hobbies that he enjoys, other than spending time with his family, include hunting and fishing.

Another example of Gio’s work.

When asked what three rules he would give to a new teacher he responded with these rules:

  1. Never yell at a student in front of the class.
  2. Always tell your students hello and goodbye.
  3. Always offer help, whether it’s your subject or not.

Mr. Gioffre is a great teacher. He loves connecting with students whether they are in one of his classes or not. He claims to never have had a most memorable moment; he says every moment at Sheridan has been amazing. Gio loves his teaching and would not want to do anything else.