Developing On The Field: Maddie Arent

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Developing On The Field: Maddie Arent

Maddie Arent catching on the Varsity team during her Freshman season.

Maddie Arent catching on the Varsity team during her Freshman season.

Maddie Arent catching on the Varsity team during her Freshman season.

Maddie Arent catching on the Varsity team during her Freshman season.

Liv Johnson, Copy Editor

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Maddie Arent, a sophomore catcher on Varsity Softball, is a very hard working, determined, and talented athlete. She may be younger than some on the team, but that does not stop her from being a good leader and an even better teammate. She knows what needs to get done in order to be great and she will not let anything get in her way. We can all learn a lot from her diligent personality and hopefully her goals will become successful.

How did your freshman softball season go last year?

  • My freshman season showed me what I needed to improve for these next years and it was a learning year. The team did well, though. It taught me how to take more leadership and brought me closer to people I may not have ever known.

Were you surprised that you were the starting catcher as a freshman?

  • Yes, because there were plenty of good athletes already on the team. I was happy to be the starting catcher but I knew my position wasn’t set and I always had to work hard. As Coach Wolfe always says, “the best 9 players will be on the field.” That always made me work hard.

How do you think you did?

  • I think I adapted to how high school softball was played compared to travel softball. I learned different aspects of the game from pitch calling to leadership and how the batting of different people works differently which will help me become a better catcher.

Where do you feel you need to improve for this season?

Maddie Arent and Liv Johnson after winning the District Championship Game.

  • I feel I need to improve in my batting, which is why I have been working throughout this whole off season on it. Also I need to improve in learning how the hitters swing and work which will make up for better pitch calling.

Do you think your sophomore season will be worse, as good, or better than last season?

  • I believe that my sophomore year will be better than my freshman year. The reason being is that I have my goals set specifically for what I needed to improve from last year and I am more experienced.

What do you think of the incoming freshman?

  • I think that there is a lot of talent in the class of 2020. I hope they have the right attitude with coming onto our field to work hard every second that they are on it. They cannot think that they do not have to work hard and just expect positions given to them. They have to work hard like everybody else.

What do you think of this year’s seniors?

  • I think that there is a lot of talent and potential to go far with this year’s seniors. I just hope that they keep their goals straight and still expect as much as they always have which I do not think will be a problem because everyone on the field has the same goal to go as far as we can. This year’s seniors really take a leadership role. Last year as a freshman they really brought me into the team and showed me I had a place on their field.

How do you think the team can improve in general?

  • There’s always things to improve on a team. Each individual person has to know their own goals and how they are going to achieve them; to have the team be successful in the end and also everyone needs to have the right attitude and keep working hard.

Do you think with your experience on Varsity softball you will be ready to lead the team as a senior?

  • Yes. I think experience always helps. People with the most experience always know more. That’s why you always listen to your elders being that they have been there to experience a lot more than you have, and they can give you advice on the things that they have learned and the bad experiences that they have came from. This will teach the team and I the little aspects on how to make things better and better each time.

What is your favorite thing about catching?

  • My favorite thing about catching is always knowing what is going on everywhere on the field. Also, having that leadership role and being able to be in control of how things work and how the game is ran. Also, having the pitcher-catcher relationship and getting to know the pitcher on a personal level and knowing her pitchers inside and out and that is also how I gain most of my best friends.

Maddie Arent is a great catcher for the Sheridan Varsity team and it will be very exciting to see what she accomplishes this season.