Men of Steel

You may know Sheridan for their Football team, Basketball team, or Even the baseball team, but do you know the Wrestling team?

Kenneth Thurman, Author

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There is a wide range of fans, and supporters that come to the meets.

The Sheridan Wrestling Generals have been around for many years. Started by the first head coach Larry Remmert, this year also marked the 44th annual Larry Remmert invitational.

Sheridan has trained and produced many state qualifiers and state placers. One of the most well renowned coaches, and one of the best Sheridan has ever seen is coach Chris King. Mr. King is a well rounded wrestler. He wrestled in his high school days and into his college years.

Wrestling is more than a team, it’s a family. The team grows stronger together mentally and physically. They endure tough physical training. They travel together, and they endure the mental stress of wrestling. Wrestling is also a way of life, year round there is the thought about your weight, strength, and endurance.

Sophomore Owen Loughman battles it out with a Logan Cheiftain

When asked what they have learned in all of their years of wrestling that will be carried with them for the rest of their life, Senior wrestler Lane Householder replies with, “Discipline.” It’s only one simple word but it speaks a thousand words. After asking Sophomore, Owen Loughman, if he had anything to say about the sport of wrestling, we were able to come to the conclusion that wrestling can be a little fun too. “It’s taught me more than my physical strength, it’s also showed me my mental strength. Oh, and Mr. King is bald,” he jokingly added.

This year has been exciting year for the Wrestling Generals. They have a tournament winning streak of 4-0, and are hoping to make the record 5-0 at the Bill Dies Invitational. Another highlight of this year is, Sheridan has received their first female wrestler in many years. Her name is Margret Stowell Sadly, we were unable to get an interview with her for a little more insight into being the only female wrestler.

Maybe now you know more about the real Sheridan High School wrestling team.