Backwoods 2-Miler: Rustic Running at its Best

Alyssa McCabe, Copy Editor

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On the second Wednesday in October, the small town of Thornville held over 1,000 runners for the Backwoods 2-Miler. Schools from all over Ohio joined Sheridan in the woods for a shorter and more “rustic” race. The race is ran through two miles of woods and fields. Many of the runners from these “concrete cities” aren’t  familiar with the country vibe of the Backwoods 2-Miler.

“I love running in this race, it’s our favorite one of the year. It’s such a great time because of the country theme and we also get to run under the lights, which is fun,” said Ally Grieshop, from Bexley Middle School,  before competing in her race. Urban schools are acclimated to a different type of race and most high school runners never get the opportunity to run in such a rustic setting.

The high school girls meeting the official for instructions prior to their race.

Time for prayer as the runners prepare for the race.

It might not seem like people from big cities like Columbus would enjoy a rustic race like the Backwoods, but sometimes change is invigorating.

The Sheridan boys came in fourth at their home course, with 105 points. Luke Brown, the leading man for the Generals, came out with a third place finish (9:59.20). “I think it’s great that we’re hosting this event, it shows how our program grows from year to year and we plan to continue showing our growth,” said Brown. Brown and his team planned on having at least a third place finish, he believes his team hasn’t made it up to their full potential yet and plans to do so soon.


Pictured from left to right: Tyler Sharpe, Clayton Radabaugh, Luke Brown, Mason Emmert, Wyatt Ramey. Bottom: Jacob Williams

Running at their home course, Sheridan girls placed second with 100 points to Watkins-Memorial, who finished out with 92 points. Chrystina Watson, a junior on the Sheridan girls team, was anxious and excited to be hosting this race. “There’s always more pressure to be the home team, but it’s a great feeling, it’s a ton of work but it’s worth it,” said Watson. One of the hardest parts for the team is having their coach running the meet. The upperclassman took charge and made sure the girls were on time and prepared.

The Backwoods 2-Miler is split into six main races, the Middle School Boy’s Race, the Middle School Girl’s Race, the Boy’s Open Race, the Girl’s Open Race, the Varsity Boy’s Race and the Varsity Girl’s Race. Coming in first for the Middle School Boy’s Race was William Wilke from Sheridan (11:14.45). Madison Eyman (Fairfield Union Middle) finished first in the Girl’s Middle School Race (12:23.17). In the Boy’s Open Race, Jeremy Mclntire, from Watkins-Memorial, came in first (11:09.23). Megan King (Northridge-Johnsown) came in first during the Girl’s Open Race with a time of 13:20.92. Daniel White from Watkins- Memorial came in first during the boy’s race (9:47.18) and during the Girl’s Varsity Race, Kyleigh Edwards from Fairfield Christian Academy finished the day with a first place finish (11:34.63).

The Backwoods 2-Miler is growing every year and doesn’t plan to stop. With races for every age from preschool, to adult, there’s something for everyone. If you aren’t the running type, you  can still come and enjoy the great food and rustic vibes of the Backwoods 2-Miler. It is a unique race. We hope to see you next year!