Morgan Wallen’s Top Hits


Mya Trent, Author

Morgan Wallen being new into the country music world started his first hit Up Down in 2017, and it went completely viral. At first people didn’t have a clue who he was and then he started making songs and albums like crazy and the amount of people who listened to his music was at an all time high.

In my opinion, all of his songs are amazing and truly give you the vibe of summer with you’re friends but also giving a wonderful meaning of the way he lives his life.

With all this being said, these songs are Morgan Wallens Top Hits:

  • Chasin’ you, a song about young love and just living life
  • Whiskey Glasses, about getting the pain to go away
  • More Than My Hometown, about loving where you came from even if living the big life

These are just some of the many songs of Wallen’s that have went completely viral. With covid and not being able to have concerts it definitely has effected the music industry. Concerts usually happen after a new album has came out and that’s mostly how the songs go viral, there fore many artists struggled to get their music out their including Morgan.

Morgan Wallen was involved in a scandal, when being drunk Morgan said some words that angered people, and is now waiting to see where his music is when loosing his record contract and loosing everything. Although this has happened, Morgan Wallen is definitely one of the best new country singers out there in my opinion.