The Perfect Girl.



The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say. ~Gregory Maquire

Don’t let society control how you see yourself.

TW; SH and ED’s mentioned

The perfect girl. Big bust, small waist, pretty face, she’s never had a compliment go to waste. Full lips, big hips, everyone has done a double take when she passes because she makes their hearts dip down to their shoes and slam back into their chest. She’s the perfect case of brains, and beauty. Carries herself with pride as if she’s under the spotlight, which she is. The spotlight is what gives her life, without she’d be nothing or at least that’s what they say.

 They constantly push her to be better than the next, “not like that, like this” she’s tired. The energy has been drained from her, those full lips have gone dull. Those hips not so big; she’s been skipping meals. A baggie hoodie will do the trick. “you’ve let yourself go, it’s like you don’t want people to know you exist.” She doesn’t. She doesn’t want them to know. The lonely nights spent running through other girls social media wishing and hoping she could be the perfect girl. 

She is the perfect girl, but what happens when the perfect girl everyone thought they knew, wasn’t so perfect after all? That big bust, small waist, pretty face can’t hide it all. The seams that hold her together are fraying at the edges and she’s burning every last thread that’s out of place. She’s burning them like she burned the bridges to the places she needed to be the most. She is bleeding out from the inside of her soul, those life filled eyes are now dim and dark. 

This is something she can’t cover up. But she does. She covers and covers and hides under 3 too many layers. A tank top, long sleeve, topped off with a short sleeved band-T she knows the perfect set up. Because the perfect girl, isn’t actually so perfect.