A Lesson and Some More.


Don’t ever look back, nothing is there.

A lesson I’ve learned this month: don’t live in the past. Get rid of the old so you can accept the new. If you make room for things you want in your life, it will come to you. If you don’t change what you’re doing, it isn’t fair to complain about others not changing what they do. You see, life isn’t all about surviving or doing what you can. Life is knowing there needs to be a balance, recognising when that balance is off, and knowing how to get that ballance back. People tend to think life isn’t easy, which it isn’t. But when that balance is found and maintained, the flow of things is so beautiful.


Every flower must grow through dirt. ~Laurie Jean Sennott

Everyone is different of course, and some people may never learn these lessons. That is ok, everyone has their own pace for life. Some feel convicted to choose ignorance over truth because it’s easy. Others know that the truth may hurt, but lies are bad intentions hidden in good light. Lies create ruts so deep it’s impossible to get out of. They dig holes under our feet as we tell them, and we step right out of that dugout when we’re all done. The dugout rematerializes itself whenever we lie, but it goes deeper. 


Have you ever noticed that heavy or empty feeling in your chest that spreads like wildfire with gasoline? That feeling that washes over you, but centers right back to your chest when it’s settled. It’s always there when you lie. It’s always there when you get lied to. So why do it? If you can’t stop yourself from lying, find out why. Ask yourself, “why do I keep doing this?” Ask yourself, “why do I lie?” Get a piece of paper and write it out. Everything that comes to your mind, even if it seems ridiculous. Write it down and when you feel you’re all done, read it. 

Read what you wrote, take what you need from it, and then burn it. How do you feel? It may take a while to feel anything towards it, you may not feel anything at all. Both are completely valid and there’s no going wrong when writing. That’s what I love about it so much. With that being said, a life lesson I’ve learned is hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Karma is not a nice force to reckoned with, it can get you at any time. Lying doesn’t make it any better, but telling the truth will. 

 I get that sometimes we have to make up little white lies to save ourselves or someone else. What happens when those little white lies keep accumulating? What do you do if it’s doesn’t go your way? I own up in the beginning. It’s hard and a little embarrassing sometimes. That is life though, it is full of those moments. You can sit and overthink it or you can learn and walk away from it. The choice is yours. What will you pick?