The Art of Show Choir-PDF Edition Article


Singing, dancing. Something people are only comfortable doing by themselves or around people they are completely comfortable with. An individual without enrichment in the arts may see the show choir as a club with kids who are…well, weird. People fail to realize that countless hours of hard work and dedication are poured into this group every year. It is factually not a “sissy sport” or something that strange kids join. Every single person in the show choir, the band, and its crew have copious amounts of talent to give. Over the years, the Sheridan Northern Stars have coined the phrase “sweat, blood, and tears” when describing what show choir is like. Though it seems a bit dramatic, it is the truth in its purest form. 

Don’t take it from me. To get a better understanding of just how spectacular this show choir season really was, I talked to Ashley James, senior singer/dancer, about the trails and triumphs of the Northern Stars.

“We were told about three thousand different things and instead of rolling over and quitting, we Grand Champed. We did the best that the show choir has ever done, through the hardest year to be a part of the choir. You know, learning the show in the shortest amount of time we ever have and still beating groups three times our size; not knowing our music until we got the choreo and still winning every caption award possible.”

The crazy thing about this is, the trials didn’t stop there.

“We were told we wouldn’t be able to perform for anyone, and we still found a way to entertain people and show them how important what we do really is… And then we were told that we could only perform for ourselves, and we still worked harder than we ever had. We got costumes weeks before our first performance and rolled with it. We were able to take every hit on the chin and still came out on the top.”

Kris Pfahl

There were so many obstacles, and it is astounding that a small group of sixteen singer/dancers and a band comprised of six was able to soar through the clouds. This year, every single member of the group defined what it truly meant to be a star. The Northern Stars made several accomplishments, and large ones at that.

“We saw the rules made for other teams; ours were so different and we still ranked just as well as them. We went to Nationals and made it to the finals cut, against groups of sixty. I’m sorry, but I think that’s pretty cool. We’re pretty good for a group from tinytown.”

In addition to speaking with Ashley, I asked each senior singer/dancer and senior band member in show choir to describe this show choir season in one word. These are their responses:


Alex Peters: “Incredible.”

Ashley James: “Insane.”

Caden Shugert: “Memorable.”

Clay Acheson: “Extra.”

Cole Howe: “Cool.”

Cody Montgomery: “Uplifting.”

Joey Hilliard: “Perseverance.”

Konner Fox: “Inspiring.”

Lizzie Hartzler: “Life-changing.”

Logan Thurman: “Jaw-dropping.”


This year’s theme was “Life of Crime.” The Northern Stars sang and danced to Renegade by Styx, Shady by Adam Lambert, Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore, No Anchor (which was composed specifically for the Northern Stars), Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar, Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, Who are You by The Who, and Shakedown by Bob Seger. Each song had its own quirks and elements that made the show fantastic and memorable. This season was faced with many hardships, just like any other extracurricular this year. Unlike any other year, the Northern Stars had to wear masks while rehearsing and performing. This took several weeks of conditioning and months of training ourselves to sound fuller despite the cloth on our faces. There were several mishaps of masks falling off faces completely and altering them to fit each face. Competitions were held virtually, and we got to perform in front of people on three separate dates. However terrible and different this year might have been, it is safe to say that this year has given each member at least one friendship that is worth a lifetime.

If you are reading this, and you are interested in joining show choir, I would tell you to do it. I would tell you to go for it. There is no greater feeling than performing onstage with the people you spend the most time with. It is surreal to think that you have grown all year with the people beside you. Show choir has given me some of the best experiences of high school. It is so much more than a Glee club or a place where weirdos can sing and dance with other weirdos. The Northern Stars is a beautiful place.