Softball as a Freshman – Mollie Moore


Elisa Snider, Author

Mollie Moore is a hard working freshman. She is currently balancing school, keeping grades up, playing softball, helping out on the farm, and watching her niece almost everyday.  She is constantly busy with something, whether she is at home, in school, or with her softball team. She is only fifteen and working her hardest to meet the goals in her life.

Softball has impacted her life tremendously. She has been playing softball for seven years of the fifteen years she has been alive. She enjoys softball the most out of all of the sports she has played; it helps relieve stress for her since she has such a busy life as a high school student.

Mollie with a chill day.

Her favorite team she has played with was her seventh grade Sheridan team. That one special season impacted her life the most. Mollie broke her hand, and was unable to play for a large part of the season. During that time she kept her head up and went back at it when she was able to. She knew she could, and she did.

Softball has kept her positive even on the down and drowsy days that everyone faces in life. It has also always been something she enjoys looking forward to during the off season.

Her favorite position to play is center field. It always has her moving around and she can help back up almost every position on the field around her. Helping people is what Mollie enjoys to do most; playing in center field is where she feels like she can help out her team the most.

Mollie’s story can be an inspiration people; she learned to balance her life while continuing to do the things she loved to do most. Don’t let things or people hold you back and always keep going. If you manage your time wisely, you’ll be able to accomplish any goal you set for yourself.