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Universal Health Care

March 25, 2021

Universal health care is a system that provides medical services to all people. The government offers it to everyone even if they can not pay for it. By doing this, it can make universal health care expensive for the government.

“Universal health coverage is key to building resilient health systems that make people and planet healthier.” –Dr. Judith Robin

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  • Lowers overall health care cost
  • Forces hospital and doctors to provide the same standard of service at low cost
  • Creates a healthier workforce
  • Prevents future social costs
  • Guides people to make healthier choices



  • Healthy people pay for the sickest
  • People have less financial incentive to stay healthy
  • Long wait times
  • Doctors may cut care to lower costs
  • Health care costs overwhelm government budgets
  • The government may limit services that have low probability of success


There are three different types of health care plans. They are single player, mandatory insurance, and national health insurance.

Single-player model, the government provides free health that they pay for with income taxes. Every citizen has the same access to health care. For example, United Kingdom developed the single-payer system.  The United States offers it to veterans and military personnel with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the armed forces. 

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Social Health Insurance model requires everyone to buy insurance. Private doctors and hospitals provide services. The government controls health insurance prices. Germany is an example of a country with this model.

“Health protection is a central to decent work and must be reality for all.” –Guy Ryder

Some countries that have universal health care are; Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The U.S. has 67.2% of Americans have private health insurance. Only 37.7% of Americans have government coverage. These include Medicaid, Medicare, Children’s Health Insurance Program, and military coverage including the Veterans Administration. Only 8.5% have no coverage at all.

I personally think Universal Health Care would be very beneficial for those people who can’t afford and would help so many people around the world. The idea of universal healthcare is completely subjective, and everyone is entitles to their own opinion on it.

Countries who have Universal Health Care


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