The Opinions from the Political Students of Sheridan

The Opinions from the Political Students of Sheridan

Allen Bartels, Author

Sheridan High School students are not shy when its comes to their political views. Drew Copperider and Maddison Thevenin sat down with me and had a conversation about the following subjects: immigration, white-supremacy/white supremacists, and the lovely recurring issue of racism. When sitting down with these students, I found their opinions to be interesting. I would love to bring my opinion to this article; however, I think that you will find these opinions quite intriguing when reading them.

Madison was the first person I sat down with; during this conversation, she stated several enlightening points. The first thing discussed was immigration. “People in the immigration camps are being treated like animals, sleeping in metal cages and on the floor with an aluminum blanket.” These exact words used by Madison describe immigration in Biden’s presidency. She came to the conclusion that Biden is working on a new facility right now for immigrants, although it’s going to take awhile to build. When we talked about racism and white supremacy, Madison was very vocal. The interviewee stated, “It’s very disappointing to still see racism in our time of day. We have come so far, and yet we still have ignorant and entitled people who believe a certain race is superior. Racism really skyrocketed after George Floyd’s death, and when Covid hit, I felt there was just a lot of stress and frustration and people needed an outlet and we started targeting people and taking our rage out on them.”


Drew Cooperrider and Madison Thevenin

Drew is one of my closest friends, and I sat down and had a fascinating chat with him. When talking to him, I decided not to start with the discussion of immigration; but instead, the discussion of white-supremacy/white supremacists. He stated that he believes that white supremacy has and still even is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed immediately. “It makes me sick to my stomach that a society that’s so modern, white supremacy is still a huge issue that hasn’t been resolved.” At that moment, we talked about the racist-slurs that the white supremacists yell during their violent protests/speeches and he stated, “I think it’s very hateful and doesn’t make sense nowadays. Most multi-generation Americans don’t know anyone from their ancestral country.” Next in discussion was immigration; which I found that his opinion was not that different from Madison’s. “Immigration needs to be handled better under Biden’s presidency. I know Biden has a great deal of issues and problems going on, but this can’t go on like it has been, because the situation is just going to get worse.” Lastly, we discussed racism and Drew made good points on his opinion. He stated, “While we have abolished slavery and segregation, racism is happening every single day, and people like George Floyd and Ahmad Arbury have paid the price for it.”