Humans of Sheridan: Mrs.Pinder


Carley Kelley, Author

“Growing up, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist or work in construction” This may or may not be shocking coming from Mrs.Pinder; one of our math teachers here at Sheridan.

Mrs.Pinder wanted to become a teacher because she “wanted to help kids get a good education and inspire them to go out into the world with confidence and do good. I also liked the idea of coaching and helping students become student athletes.” 

She sometimes regrets becoming a teacher. She went into this field to help educate kids with skills they can use outside of the classroom, in her words, “I have to teach them to pass a test instead of teaching them skills they will need beyond high school. Teaching has become all about test scores instead of equipping students with the skills they need to be successful in their lives outside of school.”

Mrs.Pinder believes she was “put in this field to inspire and encourage students.” However, part of her would want to go into a different field. If she were to do it over again she would be want to be in medical field or work with animals.

Throughout her career as a teacher, Mrs.Pinder has gone through many ups and downs. Covid has been the most memorable thing that has happened in her teaching career thus far because of how abruptly everything stopped last school year: “Our classes had to be remote and our athletes got their seasons cancelled. It was a very overwhelming time for everyone.”