Humans of Sheridan: Larrel Daily


Matthew Hilliard

Humans of Sheridan: Larrel Dailey

Interviewer: Matthew Hilliard

Larrel Daily is a senior here at Sheridan. He’s part of the Marching Band, and has been playing the baritone in the band since Freshman year. I asked him a few personal questions about his experiences here at Sheridan, so let’s get to know him a little bit better.

Q: “What has your experience at Sheridan been like for you?”

Larrel: “It was fairly boring up until my Junior year. I started making more friends and really opened up to those around me, and really loved that year, all the friends I made. The time was great… until Covid happened.”

Q: “What was one thing that you wish you knew before coming into high school?”

Larrel: “I wish that I learned to be open with people, try and care so that it makes life better for everyone around me.”

Q: “And finally, how has band impacted you and your life?”

Larrel: “Marching band gave me dozens of memories, happy ones, sad ones, proud ones, etc. They all shaped me into who I am, and any time I did poorly I pushed myself and tried harder. I learned to work hard and play harder through band, and that has had a lot of impacts everywhere in my life, from the way I love, to the way I work, to the way I live. And now trying my best everyday to have the best day that I can.”