Humans of Sheridan: Allie Howe


Sonny DeJohn, Author

Allie Howe is a senior at Sheridan High school, she is a member of the soccer team, president of the schools FFA chapter, and a member of 4-H. In this interview we focused on her involvement with FFA and how it has impacted her life in big and small ways.

For those that do not know FFA stands for Future Farmers of America and it focuses on educating and helping kids learn and do jobs in the agriculture field. Sheridan’s FFA program is well renowned and an important part of many students lives here. This is the part of Allie’s story that we will be focusing on.

Allie poses with former and current FFA Officers

As an FFA member myself I wondered what the daily task of our chapter’s president involves. Allie, our president, is in charge of planning and arranging officer meetings. Our chapter leaders meet to discuss what needs to be done so all members can get the most out of their time in the group. She also manages these meetings, and is in charge of planning chapter activities like our annual drive your tractor to school day, Ag Olympics, and a yearly retreat/team building activities. During meetings the president is stationed by the plaque of the rising sun; this represents the promise that the next day will always come and be full of promise and opportunities.

Two big mentors through out her FFA career have been Mr. Lones and Mr. Breagel. Mr Lones is the advisor of our FFA chapter, and our Ag teacher at Sheridan. Mr Breagel is a former Ag teacher who also runs his own cattle artificial insemination company. These two men have had a major impact on her life, they push her to achieve goals and help her along the way. One big aspect that she loves about FFA is how kind and funny the members are, like one big family.

FFA has greatly impacted Allies life in multiple ways, it has given her new opportunities that she otherwise would not have known were out there. For instance She has become an AI (artificial insemination) assistant, practicing under Mr. Breagel. She plans to pursue this job as a career after she graduates high school. Starting at OSU Newark then transferring to the main campus to pursue an animal science degree, more specifically Embryology and reproductive work. Along with an Ag business degree; with this education Allie plans to open her own AI business someday.