Humans of Sheridan: Tarren Wright


Elisa Snider, Author

Tarren Wright had a different childhood than most kids. When he was two years old he was taken away from his parents and moved in with his aunt and uncle, where he grew up to love 4-H and farm animals. His advice for other kids that could be going through the same thing is to “just keep going, it will get better even if times are rough.

Just try to think of the bright side and make goals and have dreams that you want to achieve.” His two siblings and cousin that went through the same struggles helped him tremendously, they were always there and they understood the pain he was going through so it was easy to talk to them about any difficulties he was having.

His mom was his favorite out of his two parents because she tried to keep in contact with him even when he didn’t live with her. His aunt and uncle were pretty strict; it helped keep the kids in track. He has always looked up to his aunt as she has impacted his life the most. She had cancer five times now but she keeps going. She has taught him to never give up and to always work your hardest. She also took him and his siblings in when they were younger with no hesitation.

There were some struggles for him and his family.  Money  was tight as his aunt was in and out of the hospital. Those times were pretty rough for him and his family. His past definitely effects his life nowadays and it has really effected how he talks to people and how he deals with people.

With all of the struggles he went through, he kept a happy mind set. He kept his head up because he knew life would change for him.