Humans of Sheridan: Piper Gamby


“…Just sitting there hugging my friends and celebrating, it was truly one of the happiest moments of the year so far.” 

Piper Gamby is one of the Sheridan High school Northern Stars. It’s only her first year of show choir but she seems to be enjoying it. Before joining, she had minimal experience in dancing and singing on stage. Her favorite song of the performance is Jailhouse Rock.

“It’s hard to choose just one favorite part of show choir, the whole thing is so fun in general. If I had to pick, I’d probably choose the practices. This might not be the most common answer if you asked other people, but for me practices are usually always a good time. I tend to dread practicing the day of, but as soon as I’m there, and in the groove, I have so much fun. I get to socialize with my friends, and get to improve in a safe environment where I don’t feel judged. If I mess up then who cares, it’s just practice! Older members are always there to give helpful advice and words of encouragement.”

“The person I look up to the most is Kirstyn Gray. She took me under her wing very early in the season. At the time she had only spoken to me once or twice, but she still decided to offer me help with learning choreo. It meant a lot to me, who had never done anything like show choir before and was not the fastest learner. Kirstyn is now one of my closest friends, and being this close to her only makes me admire her more. She is extremely hardworking and generous. Not only does she try her hardest to be her best self, she tries to help everyone else improve as well. Ever since that small interaction at the beginning of the season, she has become one of my closest and most valued friends.”

Because of Covid-19, we are not allowed to participate in real life competitions. This is a really tough blow for not only me, but also the seniors. To compete, we film our show and then submit it to different virtual competitions. Me and my two best friends watched our first competition of the season together. Sheridan placed first overall, and my friend got best male soloist. Even though there were only a few groups competing against us, grand champing, after all our hard work and all the setbacks, felt so good. Just sitting there hugging my friends and celebrating, it was truly one of the happiest moments of the year so far.”