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Behind The Curtains: The Experience of Aria Black

March 10, 2021


Aria Black on Stage

Almost everyone has experienced stage fright, that awkward feeling of the entire world staring at you. It’s one of the worst feelings in the universe. So how do actors and actresses do it? I promise you, we don’t give them enough credit. I’d gladly give some to my friend Aria Black. Her goofy and energetic attitude always brings life to the stage. I can’t help but wonder, what’s life like behind the curtain?

“My oldest brother David auditioned his senior year, and got the Narrator in The Wizard of Oz production that the Drama Club was doing that year, so my family and I went to watch it. I loved that play, and I decided that I wanted to do it too. Nicholas (also an older brother) did Drama as well, so it was just a logical move for me to join Drama club. This will be my third year of Drama Club, but I’ve only got one production under my belt because we didn’t get a chance to perform Clue during 2020 and all of it’s madness. The weird thing is that once I get on stage, I don’t get stage fright. I normally do, but I think that since I’m acting, My brain says something like ‘oh, it’s not Aria they are seeing, it’s your character. No stage fright.'” -Aria Black

Aria Black on Stage

Her outlook on theater has given me insight, and I’ve been able to do a better job with my own acting.

Continuing on with her interview, I asked “what makes drama club fun?” Aria, in discussion says, “Honestly, the people. If we had a bunch of people who were not able to act in the play, or those that put minimal effort in, then it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Everyone also just gets goofy when we’re not blocking a scene, so when we’re not acting, we’re laughing!”

Every extra-curricular has its downsides, things that aren’t enjoyable. For Aria, it’s “Post production. After the play is over for the last time, it’s like wishing goodbye to a person you’ve spent a lot of time with. The seniors are also very sad, which in turn; it makes me despondent.”

And, as one does, Aria looked back on her time in drama club, and wondered what she would say to her younger self. “I wish I knew that memorizing your script is hard. You have to study it outside of practice, and make slightly exaggerated facial expressions. Also, I wish I knew that I don’t get stage fright when acting. I would have been far less nervous while auditioning, and definitely less nervous before the first night we produced Treasure Island. I’d tell myself to project my voice and to read ahead when auditioning. Also to change my inflection when I change characters. Give every character a specific personality, y’know?”



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