Humans of Sheridan: Lindsay Cooperrider

Humans of Sheridan: Lindsay Cooperrider

Kayla Weekley, Author

Lindsay Cooperrider is currently a junior at Sheridan High School. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, being productive with outside work, and binge watching greys anatomy.

Although she stays busy with attending school all day, she still finds time to go home to finish her chores. Lindsay enjoys taking care of her animals which consist of her dogs Daisy and Blue, as well as her show pigs and cows.

Lindsay started showing animals at the fair around the age of eight. She only shows pigs and cows, but prefers to show pigs. ” I started out showing pigs when I was little so I just like them more and cows can be hard to handle sometimes.”

She has had some struggles over the years with cows. While showing two different times Lindsay’s cow has become loose in the arena.

Her best memory showing was this past summer at the jack pot show on June 16th. This was because she had just won Grand Champion after showing her pig named Carol Baskins.

Her favorite animal she has shown was a pig she named A-Aron, “I enjoyed showing A-Aron because he was fat and funny… he was my cuddly little buddy. ”

A-Aron and Lindsay

Lindsay was influenced by her dad to start showing at a young age because he showed horses and cows as well. He taught her growing up that “farm life is life.” Since she could remember she has helped her dad on the farm. He has learned how to properly take care of animals and the land that they live on.

Apart from showing and house chores Lindsay is also apart of FFA. She enjoys doing livestock competition, meat competition, and vet science competition. She is proud of her placements of top 20.

Lindsay stays busy on the weekends by catering food for her family business. She has catered events such as Lost lands, Country Jam, Weddings, and graduation parties. Recently she has been catering on the train in Nelsonville.