Humans of Sheridan: Nevaeh Smith


Nevaeh Smith

Mya Trent, Author

For my profile article i interviewed Nevaeh Smith, a freshman here at Sheridan High School. In her free time she enjoys hanging with friends, working goats, and having a good time. Nevaeh is apart of some of the extracurricular activities here such as cheer leading. She has done cheer her whole life and is planning on going through senior year. Below this is the interview i did with her and some of the things that has helped her grow in life!

For her as a high school student biology has been her most diffucult class, and trying to understand that information. She believes that freshman year is tough but she can get through it. With upperclassman walking all over freshman its hard to keep your confidence but she knows she can do it.

Nevaeh cheers and has been cheering since she was little, Nevaehs favorite thing about cheering is making new friends and standing on the field cheering on the boys. She also says, ” Its defiantly a lot sometimes but its something i carry with me when i graduate”. Cheer is very time consuming and takes alot out of someone with all the practices and performances. Nevaeh is part of the Competiton Squad which is even more practices and staying after practices.

This is Nevaeh Smith, everyone at Sheridan High School is different in there own ways.