Evolution of Human Technology

Bladyn Glass and Noah Frame, Author

The evolution of human technology is truly mesmerizing. With time technology is becoming more of a constant in everyday life; humans have evolved to a new plane of existence compared to our ancestors. As man started out with nothing, but our hands we have slowly evolved to making objects such as touch screen phones then to things that are not tangible, such as the internet. 

From the start of man, we have created new things from old methods. The first and most important invention ever made was fire, which was discovered 1-2 million years ago. Fire managed to keep people alive and was later used for more things such as smelting and cooking. Which led to more opportunities for mankind to advance along the ages of time.

Later in the ancient times the gear driven, precision clockwork machines were invented. This led to a spin of widely used inventions for humans to have in the future. A roman author and architect, named Vitruvius, later perfected the modern vertical water wheel: aka modern day turbines. 


As we move on in time Galileo Galilei built a telescope which makes for astronomical discoveries. Then, Galileo’s pupil, Evangelistia Torricelli, built the first ever mercury barometer allowing humans to be able to measure air pressure for the very first time in history. Shortly after, Issac Newton released his findings on the  laws of motion.

Moving on still, George Stephenson builds the first practical steam locomotive, which soon leads to steam engines. Robert Stirling made the Stirling engine, this is also known as a closed-cycle, regenerative heat engine. Shortly after this, Michael Faraday built primitive electric generators and motors, which leads to hub motors. However, William Sturgeon is the first to invent a practical electric motor. There have been so many monumental inventions throughout history that have led to the extensive technology we have in today’s world.

Now that we have finally made it to the modern era, a lot has changed since the 19th century. Technology has skyrocketed within the past 200 years, with flight, WiFi, and touchscreen devices coming into play. Mankind made a huge leap compared to the past thousands of years of progression previously. As of now we are in the most technologically advanced age, and we’ve had so much technological progress between 2000 to the present year, 2021.