Flashback Fashion Trends

February 25, 2021

There are fashion trends that we all bet we would never see again in stores. However like everything in life they come full-circle and many of them are back again.  “What goes around comes back eventually.”- Katy Sommerfeld. If you need something cute, take a look at some of the fashion trends that are making a comeback today in 2021.

Mom Jeans are from the 90’s. They are high waist, loose-fitting  jeans. Skinny jeans used to be the trend but they are no longer popular anymore. Mom jeans used to be overlooked because they were an unflattering design. Why wear mom jeans? They are extremely comfortable to wear, with the lose-fitting legs and make it easier to sit up and down.

How to style: Mom jeans can come in two styles, cropped and regular. The ones in a regular length you can wear with elegant tops and a pair of matching shoes. Cropped ones are more for a playful look as they look great with crop tops, tank tops and go well with sneakers or short boots.

Round eyeglasses frames are making a major comeback.  This trend was from the 1920’s and made a comeback in the 70’s and is once again coming back to 2021.

Sun glasses from the 70’s

This frame shape is a relaxed, retro vibe and would look great as either an everyday pair of eyeglasses or a pair of fun sunglasses for the weekend. The style options are plain round glasses with clear lens or, there is the colored lens sun glasses. The colored round sunglasses are more of a weekend or vacation/summer style.



Chokers are making a comeback from the 1990’s. There is many different styles and types of chokers. Chunky chokers, lace, sequin, beaded, pearl, leather, layered chokers etc.

How to style: There are many ways on how to style a choker. You can wear a cute simple tank top with a skirt and complete the outfit with a cute heart shaped choker. Pair an oversize comfy sweater with a thick black choker or wear a seashell choker necklace with your bikini at the beach.

Scrunchies made their come back in 2019 and are still trending to this day. Scrunchies came from the 90’s and are now back today. They are not just good for styling cute outfits, they also create less friction and breakage on hair. Scrunchies are less likely to leave bends in hair from being tied up.

Scrunchies from the 90’s

How to style: You can do half up and half down look and pull your hair back with a cute scrunchie. You can use it to part your hair and throw it back into a messy bun. Then of course you can style them to wear on your wrist and match your outfit for the day. A perfect way to complete your outfit.


Chunky Sneakers were from the 80’s. Specifically white chunky sneakers are worn every where now a days. The most popular sneakers are Nike Air Force 1’s. Mainly any sneaker that looks chunky and thick are making a come back.

How to style: There are so many ways you can style these chunky shoes. You can do a plaid look, wear a flannel with jeans and some sneakers. Biker shorts and a graphic shirt look good with white Nikes and an all white outfit.  Lose-fitted sweatpants with a cropped tank top or shirt and a pair of white Nikes. Also any type of baggy jeans and a denim coat then, throw in some white air force 1’s.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

Nike Air Force 1
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