Virginia Beach but With Masks

Elisa Snider, Author

This was right before we went up for parasailing. We saw a sting ray and a school of fish.
This day was the day that Hayden and I went rolling in the waves.

In July of 2020, I visited Virginia Beach with my friend Hayden Sturgill. While we were there, it wasn’t much different than being in Ohio. Here were some of the Covid rules: in restaurants and most stores, you had to have a mask, whenever we went to the beach, we didn’t have to wear a mask and while walking through the hotel a mask was required.

It was definitely a different experience due to Covid. When we had to go onto the elevators, no one would step in with you; there were signs everywhere telling us to stay 6 feet apart and to not have more than four people on the elevator at a time. It made me feel like we were in a zombie apocolypse!

Some of my favorite parts of the vacation were parasailing, shopping,  and  eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and having random 2am adventures. 

I , of course, have to mention the beach! While swimming, the waves would always wipe us out, especially when we would be getting out of the water. One time the waves took me down and I went rolling, it didn’t help I had a floaty on so it made it easier for me to roll. On the second to last night there, we walked on the beach at night with our Ben and Jerry’s and went for a night swim. 

 Going to the beach during Covid was a worthwhile  experience and something all of us should due to distress and relax.

How to survive the beach during a pandemic: ALWAYS have a mask – just in case it’s required, bring hand sanitizer, pack extra swimsuits and clothing, and make sure to have sunscreen for protection and a floaty for fun!