The Song that Broke the Billboard Top 100, “Drivers License”


Allen Bartels, Author

“Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo is an explosive song that millions of people have found captivating. It is extremely popular due to its relatability.  In its first two weeks of being released on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and other music media platforms, the song hit millions of views and listens. Why? The song is not only relatable, but there is underlying drama between Rodrigo and other celebrities. Joshua Bassett (High School Musical: The Musical The Series), Sabrina Carpenter (Clouds) are involved in a romantic relationship after Rodrigo’s relationship with Bassett ended. The essence of this song comes the from the deepest feelings of someone’s heart that was broken into a million fragmented pieces. Olivia Rodrigo has broken records on Billboard Top 100, and she became the first young person to reach millions of listens on Spotify and other music platforms. The song has been repeated as covers on Youtube and Tik-Tok with multiple points of view.


I wasn’t the biggest fan of Olivia’s until she was casted as Nini in the High School Musical series. Based on the songs that she wrote for the show and the way she sang them in the series, there is no doubt that she isn’t talented. Once season 1 of the show was over, I didn’t really listen to any of the songs from the series as much as I had previously, but then Olivia came out with, “Drivers License,” and I died. The song is full of such emotion and real anger of a broken heart. I related to the song because I broke up with my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day (it was a toxic relationship,) but even though I am the one who ended it, I was still heartbroken that the relationship had to end. In my own way, I was able to completely understand the heartbreak and the anger that Olivia addressed in the song. If you have ever had a heartbreak or broke up with someone because of issues in your relationship, then this song is perfect for you! I will say that when I continued listening to the song, I started to get wary; the lyrics were so beautiful and from the heart. I started to really feel the lyrics in the song, and I would listen to them one by one on repeat.  I highly recommend giving the song a chance. THE WORLD LOVES THE SONG AND IT’S BEEN EIGHT WEEKS SINCE IT CAME OUT! If you want to listen to the song click here.