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Online Shopping Pros and Cons

February 17, 2021

The article “Pros and Cons of Online Shopping” written by Donna L. Montaldo creates a remarkable outline for both the positives and negatives of online shopping. Online shopping has several pros and cons when it comes to the seller and consumer; especially when ordering the correct size(s) of clothes. After buying from a company many times people know what size they should get, but that’s not always the case online. Some online stores will have you put in your size and measurements to make it  easier to shop; this is much simpler because it takes a lot of the stress out of “finding the right fit” online.

Positives of online shopping consist of:

I bought this dress from Amazon. It fit good, the top was the only part I had to get altered.
  • Not needing to go out
  • Being able to compare prices much easier
  • They’re always open
  • No driving required (No parking hassles)
  • No need to deal with aggressive workers or other customers
  • No need to wait in line for the cashier
  • Ability to read the reviews left by others
  • COVID-19 friendly (In comparison to shopping in person)

These are really important to look at when shopping online. Crowds of people can be both, rude and hectic, especially when they are in a rush. Not requiring to go out shopping at all reduces stress and worry.

Cons include:

  • Not being able to get a hold of customer service as easily
  • Not able to physically try the clothes on or inspect them before ordering
  • Unable to negotiate price or payment of the item
  • Unsure of items being on back-order or not (which can especially be hard when buying gifts)
  • Not knowing if the site is an online scam
  • Having to pay for shipping when returning or buying items
  • Struggling to get money refunded after returning an item

While these do have a massive effect when shopping online, it is comforting to be able to look at  reviews before buying item(s), as well as to make sure the sites you are buying from are reliable.

This whole outfit I bought online. The jeans are from Shein and they fit amazingly. The Hard Rock Cafe cropped-shirt and The North Face jacket are both from Curtsy and they fit great.


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