Clayton Acheson: The Sultan of Swoon


Kirstyn Gray , Section Editor

Who knew the Rat Pack star Frank Sinatra would be so influential in 2021? We’ve all heard that Sheridan has its own Elvis, but no one has talked about the big crooner’s counterpart here in these very halls: Clay Acheson. Sinatra, handsome, young, and gifted with an outstanding voice has forever changed the music industry and even the soundtracks in movies; however, Sheridan’s re-imagined jazz singer is involved in so much more. Like the Stranger in the Night, Clay is both young, handsome, and also obtains the ability to perform.  He spends his time in band as second chair of the trombone section, as a leader in drama club, and as a captain in show choir. He has had a solo in the show choir show “Transportation” for the Disney song Go the Distance, and he performs a solo in Jailhouse Rock for the current show, “Crime,” which he has received a best male solo caption award for at the Walsh Jesuit Show Choir Invitational.

The King of New York (Pal Joey (1957))
The Boy from Ipanema

Clay’s dream is to perform on Broadway to showcase his passion in singing, dancing, and musicals, but he is most likely to be a highway state patrolman after college. When not in school, he hangs out with close friends, participates in Airsoft, HEMA, contributes to boy scouts, and somehow manages to hold a job at Panera Bread. Though his talent is often unknown by those who are not involved in show choir or band, his gifts have lingered in these halls since Freshman year. While there is some bias, this author believes that Clay has better character and a deeper soul than his vocal twin. Sinatra being somewhat of a lady- killer and heavy gambler, proves to be much different than Clay’s giving, loving, and perceptive soul. So here, I give to Thomas Bonkowski a challenge, and the rest of the school a delightful taste of someone-something- that has gone unnoticed. Here is Clay Acheson, the Sinatra reincarnate.