Modern Pop Culture


There is no doubt that music has changed over the past hundred years or so. Our modern culture has had its share of Rock and Roll, the Blues, and other big hit genres. The real question is how has music changed in it’s own ways over the years? How much has music developed over time? 

Pop music is its own genre, it is constantly changing due to the fact that popular songs are in constant fluctuation, meaning that they are  always changing. While time has affected the music industry it’s not alone in its cause. The new generations of young individuals also influences the change. While older generations tend to bash the younger for their horrendous taste in music. Perhaps, they see it more as craving for nostalgia, rather than detest for younger artists’ songs. 


Music has undoubtedly evolved and adapted to the morals of the younger population. Some claim the older generations pop music had higher standard of morals unlike today’s standards. The more we think about it, hasn’t Pop music always been a little edgy? No matter how much the lyrics change or how vulgar they may be, it is the best way of expressing emotions, thoughts, etc.

“Old people” as newer generations call them, used to tell us kids that our songs were a reflection of our deteriorating values, that music is somehow “vulgar” than it used to be. Have our values really changed that much or do we just have a different way of expressing it? Is society really falling downhill or are generational complaints just about wanting to go back to their, and soon to be our, nostalgic times? Looking back on the time that we have had here we can thoroughly say yes we have changed, but so has everything else.

An obvious difference has to be language; older songs from the 60’s and 70’s seemed more poetic, attempting to connect with others in a positive way. As the decades go along music developed into more songs being concerned with looks and self images and not being concerned with our own real world problems or the issues of others. Through the years pop music has a common themeslove being one of the hottest topics no matter the year. Now whether it be actual love for relationships, lust, or personal hobbies is quite irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that not much has changed except for the language (sometimes considered obscene) the songs use now compared to the less explicit music of earlier generations.

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The music industry as we know it went from being dominated by groups and bands to being a mostly solo artist field.  Collaborations are also important in today’s music industry. Some believe this defines how our culture has shifted over the years. If you don’t get this reference then look back to how lyrics have shifted to being more about the self. Artists made solo debuts, and shifted the tides completely focusing on their careers instead of being with a group. Some artists that were with bands also broke off and have since started a career by themselves; ex. Harry Styles, Fergie, Pharrel Williams,  and Gwen Stefani.

So, although youths nowadays enjoy music with a little more profanity than in the past, we’re actually just experiencing a new shift between musicians of different diversities with ideals that all just blending into one. Society’s increased appreciation for diversity  has led to great music from many different backgrounds. With modern music we can embrace many unique cultures, and accept one another for who we are.