How Will Sheridan High School Football Change in 10 Years?


Sheridan Football

In 2031 we will all look back and wonder how in the world the schooling system and high school life changed so drastically. From the way teachers are teaching students, to the devices students are using, to wondering if masks will still be mandatory to wear, as well as, if students will experience Friday night lights from their student sections.

To experience these things is what makes high school, essentially, high school. High school students in 10 years will read the history of this pandemic. They will definitley wonder how this happened and most will not even understand it. This has become our whole life – at least for now. 

George Mahoney is a high school football coach that is melding his coaching skills with his teaching skills this year. He has degrees in mathematics and chemical engineering, so putting math into it isn’t an issue for him. He has noted that 70% of punts are fumbled or never caught, and that more offensive penalties would be fewer scoring drives. Mahoney recommends shorter, streamlined practices to keep coaches and players ready and fresh for game day.

I believe having Mr. Culver as the coach is very important because he’s able to add school smarts and sport smarts into it with no issue. But what happens with the next coach? Will he be able to do this too? Or will it be online coaching?

Senior Thomas Bonkowski, who has been a part of the football program says,” I believe Sheridan will be the same in 10 years because we have high standards and are determined.” We interviewed an individual in every grade and all of them stated almost this exact text, “Sheridan will be the best in Ohio.” Sheridan High School will forever be the same even if that outside world isn’t.

“Technology will be used for everything, sheridan football will be a lot stronger””

— Rilyn Reedy (sophomore)