My Gymnastics Career

My Gymnastics Career

Charlee Gutridge, Author

I have participated in gymnastics ever since I was 4 years old. It has always been a big part of my life. When I started gymnastics I also did basketball and softball, but they both started to get in the way of my gymnastics. Gymnastics is an all-year-round sport, and is pretty time consuming with practices being 4 days a week (not to mention, each practice is 4 hours). So I had to make a choice: gymnastics or basketball and softball? Gymnastics was the obvious choice, continuing to be a major part of my life today

I am currently a level 9 gymnast at All Starz Gymnastics in Thornville. This will be my 2nd year as a level 9; due to the an unfortunate back injury I had to endure last year. My muscles had become extremely tight in my back, so I was unable to compete. However, when COVID-19 hit last year, my season ended abruptly anyways.

Practice creates confidence. Confidence empowers you”

— Simon Biles


My freshman year I was a first year level 9. For it being my first year, I did pretty well. I got 2nd on beam at state with a 9.1. I got a 9.0 on vault, placing 5th. Floor a 9.1 and placed 3rd. Out of all the events, bars was my weakest. Then my all-around I got a total of 35.750, placing 3rd, I qualified for the regional meet.

My first level 9 meet, my team placed 1st

Regional’s were held during April in Battle Creek, Michigan. My back injury started to come in right after the state meet was finishing up. I decided to push through and finish my season all the way through regional’s.

Gymnasts from Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and other Ohio all compete in the regional meet. In every level they are age groups, so that you aren’t competing against an 16 year old when you’re like 10. As you can tell placing at regional’s is very difficult. I only placed on beam, and tied for 6th place.

Once you are a level 9 you can qualify to Nationals after regional’s which is also extremely difficult. More difficult then regional’s. You have to place in the top 7 on all-around to qualify to Nationals. With my back injury I wasn’t able to make it that far.

My coach hugging me after a great meet

I have my first meet this Friday in Toledo, OH. I’ve been practicing really well and have confident in myself. I’m hoping for at least 9.0’s on 3 out of the 4 events. I also plan on having a great, positive attitude even if I don’t do my best.

Hard days are the best because that’s when champions are born”

— Gabby Douglas