Tennesee During Covid


Kayla Weekley, Author

After months of lock down during the pandemic, it can get extremely boring in your house. Virtual tours just are not the same as being on the beach or a cabin in the mountains. All you can think about is going to visit that certain place in person. Getting ready to travel is expensive and stressful in the first place; however, worrying about a pandemic in addition to the rest is a whole different story.

Painting in Nashville

Choosing a destination to travel to during Covid was hard, but it was the most fun I’ve ever had. My family and I, along with my best friend, Charlee, decided to visit Tennesee for the first time. We planned out the details, including what locations we were going to visit, and houses to rent instead of hotels with multiple people for Covid precautions.

We decided to go to Nashville for 3 days and stay in an Air BNB, then spend 3 more days in in the mountains in Gatlinburg.

The first night of Nashville we walked around the streets. It was filled with numerous of people, so we wore our masks, even outside. Everywhere we went, you could hear live music of many talented people trying to make it big.

Jason Aldean’s Restaurant

One of my favorite parts was getting to walk past Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean’s restaurant.

The next full day we went on a golf cart tour. We got to see many recording houses where artists including Luke Combs and even One Direction recorded some of their biggest hits.

Visiting the Grand Ole Opry

The last day in Nashville we went on a tour of the Grand Ole Opry. It was fascinating there. We had the opportunity to go backstage where artists wait to perform, go in their dressing rooms. Even getting to stand in the circle, which is where artists perform and wait to receive awards.

Black Bear getting into the dumpster

When we arrived in Gatlinbrug, Charlee and I were amazed by how beautiful it is there. With all the lights and music, it looked like Christmas in July. The streets were filled with things to do including haunted houses, mini roller coasters, and any food place you could think of. There were lights strung everywhere, and it even had a big Ferris wheel.

At the end of our first night in Gatlinburg, when we were walking back to our car, we got to see a black bear. He was getting into the dumpster on the side of the street. Not many people get to see this, so we were super lucky, and it was something I’ll never forget.

Three hour drive up to the Great Smoky Mountains

While being in the mountains, we took a two hour trip to get a better view of the Great Smoky Mountains. The view was breathtaking, and definitely worth the drive. We also went on a roller coaster through the mountains during the day and at night.

Even while being a “Covacation” going to Tennessee was my favorite trip I have gone on. With taking the proper precautions and going to the right destination it can be a great way to get out of the house and make new memories.