Dad Bods vs Fit Bods

New studies have shown that women typically prefer a dad bod over a guy with a muscular toned look. This is basically the equivalent of picking Seth Rogan over Zach Efron. Women in the United States tend to choose the dad bod due to it being “fluffy” as stated in the Manofmany article. Woemn love to hug and cuddle with it. The women that choose the fit bods generally say they like how their significant other takes care of themselves. 

The tides of society’s opinions have dramatically changed when it comes to the looks of men but sadly women are still viewed as virtually the same as they have been for decades. People are still self conscious about their bodies but others are slowly coming to the social norm that “dad bodies are hot” according to Britt F., a woman who took the survey on dad or fit bods. They like the “Hot” look! 

Ben Jackson

In regards to judging men, women tend to give “dad-bodders” the benefit of the doubt. Women see a dad bod as a man that’s not lazy but they see it as more as a man who is honest, puts an effort into family, but doesn’t have time to be in the gym 14 hours a day.

There are still plenty of women who would prefer rock hard abs that you could wash clothes on. Similar to The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Hemsworth – they may not be the the most skilled actors but they are still highly paid nonetheless because they have looks that could kill and abs worth killing for.

Whether you are into the fit bod or the dad bod, there are still plenty of people out there that are open to many types of gentlemen. Modern day stereotypes are slowly adapting to what people manipulate them to be, this is how the dad bod became so popularized.