Donald Trump v. Joe Biden: Now That Is A Debate

Who Sheridan Students are Voting for


The first presidential debate of 2020 was an uncontrollable argument and left the American people questioning politics. President Trump, of the republican party, constantly interrupted and insulted former vice president, Joe Biden, of the democratic party. The men argued over the economy, the coronavirus pandemic, the Supreme Court, election integrity, and protest groups in the United States.

The debate was held in Cleveland, Ohio at the Samson Pavilion of the Health Education Campus, Tuesday, September 29, 2020, from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Chris Wallace of Fox News moderated the debate between the candidates. The debate was divided into six, 15-minute segments. The two parties agreed to have two minutes of uninterrupted speaking after each opening question. Candidates will both get opportunities to respond to each after the opening remarks. Unfortunately, the debate was not controlled and each candidate at separate moments spoke over each other and it was difficult to understand with all the interrupting. Chris Wallace at one point had to warn President Trump of the rules agreed by each party to attempt to restore order. 

The first segment of the debate was based on questions of the Supreme Court. This then went off course into a healthcare discussion. President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to succeed the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Trump says the Constitution is clear that he is to consider a nominee to the court when there is a vacancy. While Vice President Biden feels this is an effort by the Republicans to abuse power. The first question Wallace presented to the candidates was, “Why are you right, omit the argument you make, and your opponents’ opinion wrong, and where do you think a justice Barrett would take the court?” Trump was able to answer first on this question and he states, we have a phenomenal nominee, respected by all, top academic, “good in every way,” some of her biggest supporters are very liberal people. Trump thinks she would do a fantastic job. The republican party won the election and they have the right to replace the current opening. Biden answered the same question, he responds with, people have the right to have a say in who serves on the supreme court. They can do that when they vote for a senator and when they vote for the president of the United States. They are not going to get that chance now because the election has already started. So he feels that we should wait and see the outcome of the election. Biden takes the discussion into the affordable care act. Trump responds after Biden, and then the discussion goes into a brutal open conversation with lots of arguing. Trump then feels he is debating with Wallace, and Biden openly speaks his opinions about why we need to keep Obamacare. Trump strongly disagrees and feels it is not savable and it needs a complete overhaul.

The second segment of the debate was based on Covid-19. This segment is important because of the pandemic we are dealing with right now. We have had over seven million cases in the US and over 200,000 people have lost their lives. Vice President Biden believes President Trump has no plan. Biden then goes on to say “He knew all the way back in February how serious this crisis was, he knew it was a deadly disease.” Biden believes we should be using our money to fund ways to save lives and hints that the country should have stayed open. President Trump closed the country in early March. While being closed Trump provided masks and made ventilators. Trump then claimed that a vaccine is weeks away in the making. “Far fewer people are dying, we have done a great job,” Says President Trump. Wallace then goes on to ask Trump about how he has been at odds with Dr. Redfield who claimed it would be summer before the vaccine would become generally available to the public. Trump then claimed Dr. Redfield was “Confused and mistaken”. President Trump believes that it is going to go much faster. Biden then comes back to argue that Trump also claimed that this pandemic would be gone by Easter.  Biden believes that yes, maybe a vaccine will be done by the end of the year, but the distribution to get it out won’t be till next year if we even get the vaccine. 

The first two segments of the debate both covered  important topics by both candidates. Another important segment was the third segment where the discussion was based on ideas of racial injustice. Wallace brings up that Biden launched his campaign when Trump responded to the violence in Charlottesville, where Trump made the comment saying that there were fine people on both sides, three years ago. Wallace also states that Trump has often said that he believes that he has done more for black Americans than any other president, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln. Wallace’s first question on this segment was, “Why should voters trust you rather than your opponent to deal with the race issues facing this country over the next four years?” Biden’s response to this question was, “It’s about equity and equality, it’s about decency, it’s about the constitution.  We never walked away from trying to require equity for everyone.” Biden says we have never accomplished this although. Then he goes to say that no one has walked away from it like he has done, directing the statement towards Trump. Biden references when George Floyd was killed, there was a peaceful protest in front of the white house, Trump came out of his bunker, had the military use tear gases on the protesters, so he could walk across to a church and hold up a bible. Biden states that the bishop of that very church said that it was a disgrace. He then goes on to say that Trump has done virtually nothing to help African Americans, and what he has done has only hurt them. Biden’s two minutes were over, and Trump now responds with an immediate backlash towards Biden. Trump argues, “He did a crime bill 1994, where you called them superpredators, African Americans the superpredators, they have never forgotten that Joe.” Biden interrupts and defends himself, that he never said that. Wallace puts him back in his place. Trump looks at Biden and states that he thinks that he has treated the Black community about as bad as anybody in this country. Trump says that’s why if you look at the polls, I’m doing better than any republican has done in a long time because the African Americans are against Biden. Trump states, “ We just got the support of military generals, almost every law enforcement in the United States, I have Florida, I have Texas, I have Ohio.” He says that the Sheriff of Portland came out that morning and said I support President Trump. Trump feels that Biden has no law enforcement supporters, he doesn’t even think Biden can even say the word law enforcement, because if he says those words, he is going to lose all his radical left supporters. Trump says that republicans believe in law and order and Biden does not. Wallace asks Biden, “Do you believe there is a separate but equal justice for blacks in this country.” Biden replies with, yes, there is serious injustice in this country, but he believes that the vast majority of police officers are decent humans who risk their lives to save ours. There are some “bad apples.” So Biden feels with him as president he will call a meeting with everything from civil rights officers to police officers, so they can “work this out.” Trump also feels there is racial insensitivity in the country. Biden proceeds to call him racist. The segment then moves into a law and order argument. 

After interviewing kids at Sheridan about who they would vote for, we saw different opinions and many different points they made about the candidate they picked. Allen Bartells is very passionate about racial injustice, so he feels Vice President Biden would be good in office, while Tanner Harris feels President Trump should stay in office because he is strong and knows how to run a country. While students expressed their opinion about each candidate, Kayla Holden is in the middle. She believes that neither candidate is fit for the position. 

The first presidential debate of 2020 was chaotic at times, although if you could understand there were very good points stated. The next presidential debate will be October 15th, from 9:00 p.m to 10:30 pm. To watch the full debate video go to C-SPAN to see President Trump and Vice President Biden battle it out all over again.