Talent Spotlight: Lillyanna Kline


Talent is defined as the “natural skill or ability to do something well.” When you first hear the word talent, you may think of singing or dancing, like the acts often shown on America’s Got Talent. Art is probably not one of the first things that pops into your mind. Art can be one of the harder and more rare talents to find, which may be why it is not the first thing that you think of. Drawing has many benefits, including relieving stress and improving memory. It can add synapses to your neurotransmitters, resulting in memories to potentially become stronger and more vivid. Dr.Aronold Bresky has used art therapy to help those with dementia and Alzheimer, and saw a 70% success rate in improving the patients’ memories. Art can be broken into several categories, including drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture, graphic design, and many more. Although there are numerous talented artists here at Sheridan, I decided to interview a talented drawer at this school, Lillyanna Kline. Lilly is a Junior here at Sheridan. She has been intrigued by drawing for as long as she can remember. “I like drawing because it relaxes me, gives me something to focus on, and gives me confidence”.

Of course, like everything in the world, drawing has its ups and downs, even for Lilly. She loves to draw faces, as you may be able to tell from her drawing, but she hates drawing their hands and feet. She believes that faces are the easiest thing to draw, which is surprising considering that is the hardest thing for most people to draw. “The hardest thing for me to draw is proportions”.  Although she is relaxed by the process of drawing, she hates how long the complete process of drawing and coloring takes.

Her favorite part of drawing is sketching it out. She enjoys drawing real things, but likes giving them a slight cartoon look. Lilly mostly uses markers to fill in her drawings, which can be seen in the time-lapse video. Among the many drawings she has completed, her favorite thing that she has drawn is a picture of her and boyfriend, Dillon Plantz. Her least favorite is a painting that she did for her grandmother.


Art runs in Lilly’s family, in fact, she has artist on both sides of her family. An artists that heavily influences her is her grandma. “She’s a painter, and she motivates me to want to do art.” Lilly would like to further her career in art and become a freelance portrait illustrator after high school.

Lilly Kline