Mail-In Voting


Democrats and Republicans are both concerned about mail-in voting, so today let’s talk about what it is and how it works. Mail-in voting has never been done before on such a large scale; however, we have seen mail-in voting in the past during the civil war and then speckled about during the past 150 years.

A common misconception is that an absentee ballot and mail-in voting are the same thing. Wrong! While they share some similar characteristics they are  different. An absentee ballot must be requested by the individual, provide proof of identity such as a drivers license or social security, and they must have a valid excuse for not showing up to vote inperson (in most states corona virus is not an excuse). Absentee ballots are usually used by people who are out of state on work/vacation or if someone is seriously ill. While this sounds great, there are some studies that show absentee ballots have a 10-14% error rate. This begs the question, will mail-in voting cause even more voter fraud. Unlike an absentee ballot, in most states mail in ballots will be sent to all residents in the state. This fluctuates from state to state. In some states you must request a ballot, and in other states they’ve completely banned voting by mail.

How does mail-in voting work in Ohio? In Ohio it is an absentee ballot. This ballot requires a name, contact information, date of birth, address where you are registered to vote, address where you receive mail, and one form of identification – the last four digits of your social security, your Ohio drivers license, or a valid photo of identification. No matter what your opinion on this might be, both current presidential candidates have a strong opinion on the subject.

What do you think will happen in the upcoming debates?

President Donald Trump has stated multiple times this will be the greatest voter fraud in the history of the U.S. Mr. Trump has made claims that people will try to vote twice if they are able to and steps should be enacted to ensure that this does not happen. Trump has shown that he is against mail-in voting; however, the president has made it clear that if the mail in voting is 100% safe then he has no problem. Trump stated in normal Trump fashion: “get rid of the ballots.”

Former vice-president Joe Biden had some interesting things to say about mail-in voting as well, tweeting: “Voting by mail is safe and secure. And don’t take my word for it: Take it from the President, who just requested his mail-in ballot for the Florida primary on Tuesday.” Many studies have shown that 47% of Joe Biden supporters are likely to vote via mail while only 11% of Trump supporters are likely to do so. Biden is for mail in voting now; however, if he loses this election

In this election thousands of people have reported significant issues while receiving or not receiving their ballots. A story recently broke about a man in Michigan receiving a ballot for his dad at his home even though his father has been dead for many decades. This is undoubtedly happening to multiple American families at this time. In Minneapolis it is reported that Rep. Omar has been ballot harvesting. Not only is this an example of corruption in politics but also taking the people of Minneapolis’ right to vote away and that is not okay especially in today’s world.

Now it is time for the voter to decide. Do you want your ballots to be meddled with? Are you going to take that risk in such a great election? Your vote matters more than ever, don’t let the elites take that away from you.