Getting Rid of COVID One Hand at a Time


Karisa Bowers and Rilea Waite

With the extra precautions in place, we could not have people smell our hands, so we had them sniff their own. You are probably wondering what we are talking about. Let us get you caught up.

In modern day world, hand sanitizer has became even more sought after than ever. I’m sure most of us, given these circumstances, wear hand sanitizer just about every single day. You may even have your own personal little bottle of it on your lunch box or book bag. Needless to say, there are all different scents of hand sanitizers. Which leads us to the question, “How familiar are you with the scents of hand sanitizer?”.

To put this question to the test, we collected a handful of people to smell hand-sanitizer. We used a few personal hand sanitizers of ours. In total, we had seven scents: vanilla sugar, bourbon, lavender, watermelon, apple cinnamon cider, peppermint, and lemon-coconut. Some of these fragrances were easily recognizable, others were not.

To start off with, we interviewed, the well-known, Mr. Skinner. This man is just a hoot, so it was an enjoyable experience and an interesting time. We were even laughing at some points in the video (maybe even a bit too loud). For him we picked out warm vanilla sugar along with the bourbon scented hand sanitizer. The warm vanilla sugar was an easy one to guess, the bourbon, not so much. When asked what he thought the bourbon scented hand sanitizer smelled like, he exclaimed, “it smells like cheap after shave!”. However, if you are looking for a new scent of hand sanitizer, he highly recommends the warm vanilla sugar, claiming “This is the best aroma that I have ever smelled”.

Another well known figure in the school that we “interviewed” is Mr.Riggs, or as he referred to himself in the video, “Dan Riggs.” The two scents we originally picked out for him included watermelon and bourbon. After smelling those two, he asked to try out another one, which was apple cinnamon cider. Out of the 3, he got 1 correct, which was the watermelon.

Then we move on to some of the students here at Sheridan. Among the students here at Sheridan High, we selected Faith Fraunfelter, Andrew Holden, Izayah Gibson,  Ethan Waite, Mary Bonkowski, and Alex Crane. In the video, you can see all the different sorts of reactions to all of the hand sanitizers. Some negative, and some positive. You’ll have to check out the video and see for yourself.

Overall, this experience was oddly enjoyable and interesting. We both, Karisa and Rilea, had a blast doing this video and we hope it’s as entertaining to watch as it was to make.