Sheridan’s 10u Softball Team


Franchesca Baysa 2019 Softball Season

Sheridan is a school full of many talented sports teams; among those is the 10u softball team. The team includes students from Glenford Elementary who are 9-10 years old. The players on this team include Payton, Franchesca, Nora, Nova, Ella, Julia, Cameron, Cora, Marlena, Hailey, Lily, and Khaly. Coach Tom [Connor] coaches this hard working team along side his wife.

Franchesca, better known as Franny to her teammates, plays as a first baseman and second pitcher. Franchesca was chosen by her coach and teammates to be questioned about softball due to her outstanding skills and all her hard work. When Franchesca was asked about her favorite part of softball, she replied with, “Being able to enjoy the game and play with my friends.” Franchesca also says she see’s herself playing softball throughout her school years; she has been playing softball for five years now and has fell in love with the game. She also prefers playing defense rather than offense. When Franchesca was asked if she ever encountered an injury while playing softball, she gave us this answer. “Yes. I was hit in the head with a softball by my teammate Khaly. It was an accident though. She was passing the ball to Nova and I was running the bases and it just hit me. I ended up going to the hospital to find out I have a minor concussion.” Her team mates hope she feels better soon! 

Not only are the teammates an important aspect of the team, but the coach is as well. Without an understanding and hard working coach, there would be no team. Coach Tom is exactly that; he is very understanding and never quits on his team. When it come to the team he tries his hardest to push them to be their very best. Coach Tom has been coaching the Sheridan district team for about 6 years but has been involved with coaching softball for about 12 years. He also coaches his son, TJ’s, baseball team. He has been coaching the TYRA (Thornville Youth Recreation Association) baseball team for 7 years. When Coach Tom was asked about his favorite part of teaching Sheridan’s 10u softball team he responded with “My favorite part about coaching is the opportunity to have a positive impact on a young athlete’s life. I also enjoy the bonds you form with different groups of people along the way. Sports is the great equalizer, it’s a common ground where no matter where you come from you all have the same interest.” What also makes Coach Tom an outstanding coach is that he never gets frustrated with a girl. “I never get frustrated with a girl for an error related to skill. The only time I get frustrated is when there’s a lack of effort or attention.  I believe it’s their job to bring the effort and attention and my job to teach them the skills. I like to think I’m pretty laid back overall.”

Franchesca Baysa
2020 Softball Season

Coach Tom really sees a future in softball for these talented girls. His two main goals for these girls are to help them fall in love with the sport and to also help them be much better at the end on the season than the beginning. The only thing he really believes the girls should work on is having less injuries and more communication. “Injuries, we need to definitely get better at avoiding injury. As far as skill set goes, there are always areas for improvement no matter what level of competition you are playing but for this specific group I would like to see better communication.”

These outstanding girls have all worked so hard this season with a few downs, but they never quit. For that it makes them all wonderful people in general to have that life skill of not quitting when life throws you a curve ball. Let’s all wish these brilliant girls good luck at their championship game on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020.