Things I wish I Knew Before I Transferred Schools


Kayla Weekley, Author

I never expected to transfer schools. I attended Millersoprt schools from K-8th grade. I had grown up with the same people my whole life. I was ready to start making my high school memories with my friends, but then I recieved the news that my parents had finally found their dream house the summer before starting my freshmen year of high school. These are some things I wish I would have known before transferring schools.


Making The Best Of It

Leaving your peers you had grown up with since kindergarten, your neighborhood best friends you hangout with all day after school, even your grumpy teachers that give you so much homework, you’re going to miss it. It is extremely bittersweet to say goodbye to a huge part of your life, but the best thing you can do is to think of the positives. Think about how many more friends you will be making and how many new experiences are ahead of you.

Friends come and go

A big lesson I have learned throughout moving is that friends come and go from your life. The friends you make when you first move may or may not be your friend group throughout high school. That being said, don’t stress about finding the “perfect” friend group as soon as you step foot into your new school. You can also continue to keep in contact with your friends from your old school. When Logan Richardson was a sophomore he didn’t just move schools, he moved to a whole different state.”I still text my old friends everyday and visit every couple months.” He says.

Volleyball Freshmen Year

Put Yourself Out There

Moving schools can defiantly make you feel like you’re alone and it can be intimidating to have to talk to new people. Whether you ask someone in your class if you can sit with them, go to sporting events, or even join a team, those are great ways to start conversations and get yourself included. Freshman year, I played volleyball. The first few weeks were hard because I didn’t know how to talk to people or play with them. Today some of my best friends that I hangout with every weekend I met through volleyball two years ago. Mya Trent, a Junior that moved schools her sophomore              year said “I joined FFA, the varsity cheer team, and went to games to make new friends.”

Football game

Be Yourself

Fitting into a new school can be a challenge. Your new school could be polar opposite from your old. If you’re not yourself trying to meet new people it will be challenging because they will never see the real you. The real you is the best you.

Although moving schools wasn’t ideal at first, I’m very glad I did. I have created tons of memories with my friends and I couldn’t be happier.