The Great Endumbening

The brain and its decline

Mark Dice

The brain and its decline

It is to nobody’s surprise that American IQ is dropping along with the rest of the world. Few may even call it: “The Great Endumbening,” quote the title. While some countries are actually experiencing growth in IQ, per say third world countries, most of the first world countries are actually dropping drastically.

There is a common belief that people are getting dumber. That is not judgement on my part but it is a proven global fact among powerful countries. Intelligence is a more broad statement whereas IQ is used to describe the calculated value of a person’s mind. You may be intelligent on one subject and still have a low IQ, or intelligent in many subjects and have a normal IQ. To measure one’s intelligence is fairly simple and can be done by studying choices that they make. However, to get an actual understanding one would need to undergo some more serious, yet basic, tests and meet certain standards.

We may ask ourselves, “So why is the average IQ on the decline?”. To understand this I will try to keep it close to home (aka America). The United States has yet to hit any low point IQ “wall” but it is slowly declining.

IQ rates in developed countries. (Dailymotion)

Statements have gone around from many different researches: “Americans have too much screen time and not enough cognitive focus…People just don’t want to learn and therefore will not focus on different subjects.” says a NBC news article. The fact is that if we do not take actions and try to reverse this, it may lead to something catastrophic and quite possibly the downfall of humanity.

Since the 1950’s American IQ has declined about .50 to .60 every 15 to 20 years and has still continued to decline.  The average global IQ has been on the down in recent years as well, dropping about .80 to 1 point every 25 years according to Global IQ Tracker. American IQ in the 1950’s averaged around 96.64 while today it is 90.80.

Main reasons for the decline range from many things. People don’t want to learn, and/or put forth effort; some don’t have the ability to think as well as others, too much screen time, people having shortened attention spans, and lack of interests. All these are reasons of why the IQ is declining but most are oblivious that any are affecting them.