The (New) Sheridan Volleyball


Sheridan’s Senior Volleyball players

Sheridan's Senior Volleyball players
Sheridan’s Senior Volleyball players

As everyone may know by now, Coronavirus has taken over our lives. We must wear masks to school,  to the grocery store, and almost everywhere outside of our homes. Social distancing and no contact with people in public is a must during these times. Well, one could assume that this would stop school sports and other school related activities from taking place. Fortunately, at Sheridan, everyone is doing their absolute best to make a fall season possible because they know how important school sports and activities are to the students. A sport at Sheridan that always has a strong following is Sheridan Volleyball.

The volleyball program is successful because of the many passionate players and coaches that participate. I play volleyball on the freshman team for our school. When school was cancelled back in March, all lifts and open gyms were cancelled. This was very difficult because the volleyball team normally starts training in March for the upcoming season. The team was off for a few months without access to a gym to workout. The varsity/head coach, Mandy Fox, held a zoom meeting with the high school players. During that call we were told that we were going to be given a series of workouts to do at home. We would then track our progress and tell the rest of the team how the workouts went. There would also be challenges that the teams were asked to complete. Players could submit a video of the drills and challenges to compete with the other players.

Coach Fox held a socially distanced beach volleyball workout at her home during this time.
This is an image if the Zoom meeting that was held


This lasted for a few months until we finally received news that we could head back to the gym. Although, there were restrictions, all players had to stay six feet away at all times, wipe down equipment after every touch, and we were not allowed to have a net or volleyballs. Players had to be split into pods, where there would only be 10 people in the gym at one time.  This was the first of many steps. Eventually, we made it safely into  the start of the season.

Now that we are in our season there are still guidelines and restrictions, but they are in place to keep everyone safe. When there are games every player receives only two spectators to watch the match. Spectators are required to wear face masks at all times in the gym.  Any additional spectators are not allowed. There is also tape on the bleachers to mark where the spectators are to sit to provide social distancing. Players must wear a mask if they are sitting on the bench. The two teams attempt to never touch each other directly. Teams just say good luck and good game by waving. Then, after the game, players must sit with their two spectators until all games are finished. 

Without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms in your life.”

Of course, this isn’t the regular volleyball season we are used to having, but the alternative is not having a season at all. I feel very blessed  to have a season and to be playing volleyball with my teammates. All of the players, coaches, and staff have worked incredibly hard to make this happen. It is going to be such an amazing and special season for everyone because of everything we have overcome.

You can visit the Sheridan Volleyball Twitter page for updates and recordings from this seasons games and even watch their home games live on the Sheridan Generals Athletics Facebook page. Currently they are 4-0 and ready to roll – Go Generals!