Connections to Covid-19


Me (Left) and my Mother (Right)

Times are tough, with the global pandemic spreading more and more each day. Masks are now mandated in public and some are following the rules and others are not. This stems from one’s beliefs about Covid and if they are taking it seriously. One of the most stressful jobs currently, is that of a health care worker.

For my family, it has changed our daily life, because my mother is a health care worker. My mother, Sarah Rehart, works directly with patients that have been infected with the Corona virus. When my mother works it does not only affect her, it effects our family, our routines, and how we go into public. When she comes home every day, she has to take many precautions before even entering our house. “My morning routine has changed greatly; it takes me thirty minutes before I can even sit down to spend time with my family.” Rehart, RN, BSN for a Columbus local hospital, explains to me. “It’s extremely difficult being the only one able to hold a patients’ hand as they’re passing because their loved ones are unable to be there due to current hospital policies that are put in place as an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19.” Rehart mentions.

A Day in the Life

Me (Left) My Mother (Middle) My Father (Right) My Little Brother (Front)

My mother has given a tremendous amount for me and my family; she has sacrificed so many things during this vicious outbreak. The thing that strikes me most is her bravery and courage as she has to constantly change in-order to take these challenges head on. She is always mentally and physically exhausted when she returns home from her shifts. She has achy limbs and has been uninterested in doing the things she enjoys doing on a daily basis. Every morning, when my mom is finished sanitizing and is safely able to spend time with my father, my brother, and me, she sits down with us and tells us stories about what happened at work that night “I will never forget the first patient I received that we knew for sure was going to pass away from Covid. This struck me especially hard knowing that he was going to have to pass with no loved ones by his side. We made a makeshift family for him, out of nurses who stayed by his side to ensure he didn’t pass alone.” My mother tells, while her voice cracks. Even with her exhaustion she finds the time to take us to breakfast every Saturday morning. Hearing these stories makes me understand even more about what these front-line workers are going through. .

When we leave the house to enter a public setting, we cannot even think about leaving the house until everybody has their mask and their hand sanitizer with them in the car. If we need to go to the grocery store, only my father, Matthew Rehart, and mother will actually go into the store, while my younger brother, Gage Rehart, and I wait in the vehicle. We are not allowed to go into any sort of store unless it is an absolute must, but then we must wear our masks and bring our sanitizer with us. “Our everyday lives are forever changed, I chose to keep my kids at home from school in an effort to protect them and the others they are around.” Rehart claims.

Being the daughter of a Covid caretaker is extremely difficult, as routines in my life have changed drastically. I am now unable to do some of the things that I love doing. Due to having several older family members susceptible to catching the disease, me and my younger brother are unable to see the majority of our grandparents. When the coronavirus first broke out, we were barley allowed to leave the house. The skin on my hands was always dry and itchy from continuously using hand sanitizer, the house was always filled with the sent and fumes of bleach and cleaner, and every time we touched a door handle or the tv remote, we would have to spray disinfectant on the surfaces. Living with a nurse at this time is hard but it’s even harder to be a nurse, so I have nothing to complain about because my mother is only trying to protect us.

Thank You

I want to thank my mother for all that she has done for her patients and my family. She has put her life at risk to ensure that her patients receive the care that they deserve, she has had to watch people unfortunately pass away from this awful disease, and she has put her family first through every step of it, taking many precautions and making new rules that need to be followed in order to protect all of us. My mother, Sarah Rehart is a brave, independent woman, and I look up to her for everything that she has done. Thank You.