Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Review


John Mulaney is a stand-up comedian and former Saturday Night Live writer. Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is one of his three specials that you can find on Netflix. The hour long special has received a 100% of the Tomatometer, and I can see why.

John Mulaney Posing
A freeze frame of John Mulaney on stage at Radio City.

Mulaney seems to ooze charisma and can make you laugh, even if his joke didn’t hit the mark -the way he tells it can make all the difference. He makes jokes throughout the show on relatable topics ranging from school assemblies to awkward family encounters. The show was very well thought-out, and without much surprise, it struck his audience with entertaining comedy due to his natural comedic timing and performance charisma.

As he dances over topics ranging from politics to the zoo, a few of his acts really stuck out. A couple of the best comedy acts featured in the special were “Street Smarts with Detective J.J. Bittenbinder” and “The Horse in the Hospital.” Street Smarts highlights the defense tactics that Mulaney learned as a child from an assembly that he attended in grade school. “Time for Street Smarts with Detective J.J. Bittenbinder!” 

John Mulaney Yes
Mulaney impersonating Mick Jagger.

If you like political material, you might enjoy the act where he compares Trump to a horse in a hospital. “Sometimes if you make fun of the horse people will get angry.” Even if you like Trump, I wouldn’t take any of it to heart, as it is all just good fun at the end of the day. He even goes on to talk about the technology dominated world, “The world is run by robots and we spend most of our day telling them that we’re not a robot-“

Nellie Stanwood

Overall, I would rate this Netflix special a 10/10 for the sheer amount of laughs I’ve had watching it. John Mulaney is a very gifted comedian and I can defiantly see why SNL hired him to be a skit writer. There was not one dull moment throughout the show. That being said, if you are looking for something to watch, I highly recommend Kid Gorgeous, or any of his other Netflix specials.