Will School Survive?


Kayla Weekley, Author

Since the beginning of March life for students attending school has been extremely different. From finishing out the school year of 2020 online, to starting the new 2021 school year in the classroom, the big question that is floating around is will school survive?


Healthcare Triage


When and How will School Reopen?

We are slowly seeing schools reopen this fall and a great number of students returning back to the classroom. However, not all schools have decided if they are reopening, or even when they plan to. Some schools have decided on a starting date in late August or even as late as after Labor day. Depending on the school, county, and state governor, schools have the option to go back into the classroom for full days, half days, or remotely.

Children ready for school with mask on to protect themselves and others


What precautions an sanitary practices should schools be following?

Schools precautions and sanitary practices should be strictly followed by the counties COVID-19 health department. Some sanitary practices include:

  •  Wiping down desk before and after children arrive
  • Desk spread out 6 feet apart
  • Staff and students wearing mask
  • Staggering meal times

Hygiene should be playing a big role in schools right now including washing and sanitizing hands on a regular basis, cleaning procedures, and distance measures.

Staff getting in the habit of sanitary practices

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  How likely is it for children to catch and pass the virus on?

Yes, kids at school can still catch and pass on COVID-19 to fellow students and teachers.

It is still an ongoing question whether children are less likely to be infected than adults and the extent of their transmission to peers at school.

A big problem with most children is a handful of them are asymptomatic and are not even aware that they have the virus and are passing it on to students and staff.

A second shut down?

Can schools shut down a second time? Short answer. Yes. A coronavirus vaccine wont be ready for who knows how long. This means that the coronavirus could break out in your area up to two, three, or even four more times causing schools to be forced to shut down again this year. “We will have corona virus in the fall,” says Dr. Fauci. Lets continue to wear our mask and follow our safety guidelines to help ensure that school survives.