High school Football – What to Expect


Coronavirus seems to be the topic every single day since April. It has affected everyone’s life in some way. One of the big questions that has been looming in the air since April has been, will there be a football season? Odds are, if you go to Sheridan, you know how important football is to the school and community. Sheridan has shared the MVL (Muskingum Valley League) and made deep playoff runs as well. The team has high expectations this year with 15 returning starters from an 8-3 playoff team. The Generals are determined… they are going to make a post season run.

“A deep playoff run is not optional, it’s happening.””

— Coach Culver

The other question that is looming is what will high school football look like with all of the new regulations and guidelines set in place? Here is what a Friday night this fall will look like:


  • Players and staff must wear masks at all time and stay 6 feet apart.
  • Only 15 players can be in the locker room at a time.
  • As soon as the players are dressed and ready they must leave the locker room to allow other players to get ready.
  • Players and staff must bring their own drinks.
  • Each athlete can only buy 3 tickets for each game. Depends on the size of stadium.
  • Every player and staff member on both teams must get their temperature taken and asked a series of questions.
  • If you are on the away team you must come already dressed and prepared to play. A locker room will not be provided to any away team.

Game Time

  • Players must bring their own drinks to the field.
  • Must stay 6 feet apart unless they are in the game.
  • Players on the sidelines must keep their helmets on or must keep a mask on.
  • Players can only drink from their own water jugs.
  • Every 9 minutes there must be a water break.
  • Half time will only be a couple minutes long.
  • Fans will be 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Only fans who bought tickets prior to the game can get into the game.

Post Game

  • After the game players must exit the field. ( the same way as last year )
  • They must head to the locker room and  change. ( 15 players at a time )
  • Then quickly leave the locker room so others can change.
  • No mass gatherings.
  • Away teams must get on the bus or preferably have a ride from a guardian.
  • ” Come ready leave Sweaty” Coach Culver. This is the MVL’s quote this year which basically means come ready to play and be ready to leave right after the game.


  • Every team will make it into the playoffs.
  • Teams have the choice whether they want to play in playoffs or not.
  • If a team loses first round of the payoffs or any round of the playoffs they can play up to 10 games. They will be for fun and not count towards anything.
  • It was be like a wrestling bracket. It is still single elimination.
  • Seeding will be based off of how many games you win from the 6 regular season games.
  • For more information you can visit OHSAA. 
The 2020/21 Sheridan Generals practicing social distancing while getting a break at practice.

There are new guidelines coming out every week for high school football teams to follow. They have also hired people to go to football games and see if people are following the guidelines. There was actually a safety inspector from the OHSAA  at the New Lexington vs. Sheridan game last Friday night.

The 2020/21 football season will be interesting to say the least. In the end, it is worth it. Students get to play football and their parents get to watch the games. It is easy to focus on all the new guidelines, get discouraged from it, and complain about it, but we must remember we have a football season! Seniors are blessed with a final high school season. One thing that is certain, is that Sheridan football is back baby. RMA!