Playlist for Seniors!


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This is a playlist for all seniors, before and after our graduating class of 2020, although I made this playlist with my friends in hopes that it tells the story of our 2020 school year. These are songs that were frequently played during our school year, our graduation song, and songs that I believe I connect with the most and I hope you connect with them too. The first three songs are intended to convey our feelings during our time as seniors. The middle three songs are our class song featured by two songs that I think do a pretty good job at conveying our feelings when graduating and the months after, leading up to college. The last three songs are meant to act as reminders of your friends from high school and that we are still on track in our lives after graduation and making it through the Coronavirus epidemic. The playlist is available on Spotify though the videos (specifically The Cave and All My Friends) are how I meant for them to be heard. I hope you enjoy.

8TEEN – Khalid

I included 8TEEN by Khalid in the playlist because as seniors, we are all around the age of eighteen, obviously, and we listened to this song pretty often during my time in English Composition. This song is an ode to being eighteen and touches up on many topics that teens are familiar with, from first loves, strict parents, to staying out late. This song is one of the most fitting to kids our age and I thank Branden Burkhart for recommending this song to add to the playlist.

My House – Flo Rida

My House by Flo Rida was played everywhere throughout the high school. I remember hearing it during weight training, in class, and frequently during my time in Mr. Horn’s English Composition class, where we were able to make a playlist based on songs that our class chose. This song also does a fantastic job at conveying the feelings of our seniors, as when you become a senior it is well known that the school becomes “your house”.

Idle Town – Conan Gray

I discovered Idle Town a year ago and immediately fell in love with the song and felt a deep connection to it. This is a song that Conan made as a tribute to his hometown and high school memories. The lyrics are extremely relatable and convey a readiness for college and graduation, making notes that “we’re getting antsy and they’re noticing”.

Remember You Young – Thomas Rhett  

Remember You Young by Thomas Rhett is our class song and was intended to be played after our graduation. As our gradation will be virtual, I figured it would be a good song to add to the playlist. It features Thomas Rhett reminiscing about his buddies that he grew up with. I thank Colton Talbot for recommending this song.

The Cave – Mumford & Sons

The Cave is more of a cryptic song however I love the feel and energy of the song, which is captured in the Live video below. One of the lyrics says “come out of your cave walking on your hands and see the world hanging upside down” and is a reference to Plato’s allegory of the cave. I connected this to all of us graduating as we emerge from our cave, Sheridan High School, and see the real world where we can finally use all of the information we learned and experience our own lives for ourselves. Additionally, the song notes the need for freedom and I can imagine many of us can connect with that.

Don’t Throw Out My Legos – AJR

Don’t Throw Out My Legos is a song that describes leaving the nest and the process of packing for college. This is one of the catchier songs on the playlist, another one of my favorites too. The song also notes the conflicting feelings of wanting to leave but knowing you will likely get homesick, with lyrics like “Can we keep my Legos at home? ‘Cause I wanna move out I don’t wanna move on”.

All My Friends – Dermot Kennedy

I chose this song as it has phenomenal sound and meaning to me. It calls on remembering the positives in your memories and thinking of “everything that was good and beautiful, despite any troubles you may have endured” as Dermot Kennedy said himself. The chorus is the most important part of the song to me, “To all my friends, you’ll find your way. Some summer night, I hope I see you again”. The song features nice piano and just more incredible sound throughout, though the Lost Sessions version is absolutely incredible and suits the moment more, so I included the video below.

On Track – Tame Impala

If any of you know me, you know I have to include a Tame Impala track on here. I believe that On Track is a perfect addition to this playlist as it reminds us that even though the Coronavirus has interfered with our daily lives and our graduations, we are still on track in our lives and will still make it through this. It is also just a solid banger of a song that I think everybody should listen to at least once.

Old Friends – Ben Rector

This is another one of my favorite songs off the playlist. The first time I heard it was just after the beginning of the break from school and I ended up tearing up a little bit as I remembered my friends. If you take anything away from listening to this playlist, this should be the song that you remember.

Credit to for lyrics, quotes, and notes from the artists.