What Have You Missed?



During this troubling time, there is not much else to talk about other than COVID-19. Whether you are scrolling through Twitter, or watching the news, you are likely to see something about the Coronavirus that quickly broke out in the United States. Although there is an abundance of news about the Coronavirus, there are other significant events occurring that are being over-looked at the time.

Will An Asteroid Hit Earth?

Recently rumors have circulated, claiming that an asteroid is set to hit the Earth in April, possible killing all of humankind. Although an asteroid has been reported to come near the Earth, it poses no threat. According to Hanneke Weitering of Space.com, “NASA has classified asteroid 1998 OR2 as ‘potentially hazardous’ not because it puts Earth in danger, but because it fulfills certain criteria in the agency’s classification scheme.” Although the thought may seem scary, there is no need to panic.

Tom Brady Leaves The Patriots

With the outbreak of COVID-19, almost all sporting events have been cancelled, leaving sports fans distraught. However, just because sports have stopped temporarily does not mean fans are not entertained by the NFL free agency. Highly-decorated quarterback Tom Brady announced he would not be returning to the New England Patriots and later signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady spent twenty years with the Patriots and won six Super Bowls with the organization.

S.R. 79 Closed

In local news, a portion of State Route 79 in Licking County washed away due to flooding. According to NBC4, “ODOT says they’re assisting the City of Heath with this road closure.” One vehicle nearly fell in the sinkhole, but was stopped. There was no one harmed in the incident.

John Minchillo

Harvey Weinstein Begins Prison Sentence

Harvey Weinstein, a former movie producer, was convicted of rape on February 24. He began his twenty-three year sentence in a New York prison on Wednesday, and had his sixty-eighth birthday on Thursday. Many people agree that Weinstein’s case started the #metoo movement after two women spoke up, claiming Weinstein sexually assaulted them.

Locusts In Africa

There is currently a horrible locust outbreak in Africa that is destroying many of their crops in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and more. The locusts have also swarmed countries in South Asia. Multiple governments including those from Kenya and China are sending people to spray areas with locusts and are tracking the swarms. Locusts are able to eat their body weight and multiply every day.

Bloomberg Donates To The DNC

Mike Bloomberg, one of the wealthiest men in the world, has promised to donate $18 million to the Democratic National Convention. Bloomberg, who dropped out of the Democratic Primary on March 4, spent over $500 million on his presidential campaign. Bloomberg endorsed Joe Biden and has been very public about keeping President Trump from serving a second term in office.

Although the Coronavirus is taking over the news, life is still going and there are still significant events happening in the world. Though some events may seem small to us, it is still important to stay informed of what is going on in the world.