Life in Isolation

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When the first case of the Coronavirus came to the United States people were not overly concerned about it, but as the amount of people infected in the US  rises, people began to realize that we need to do something to stop the spreading. It started as “make sure you’re washing your hands” and turned into a “do not leave your house unless necessary.” The government’s first steps were to limit mass gatherings, suggesting no more than 100, then no more than 50, then finally no more than 10. Their next step was to start closing colleges and switching classes online. Then, in most states, they started closing all k-12 schools.

Here in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine closed all restaurants and bars, allowing only take out and delivery. He next enacted the Stay at Home Order. This order was made to try and stop the spreading of the Coronavirus as the number of infected rises. This order states that people must stay at home and only leave for essential needs. The essential needs can include going to the grocery store, going to the pharmacy, going to the doctor, taking care of family members, or taking a walk if you need to get out for a little bit. If you go out, you should make sure that you stand approximately 6 feet apart from others. DeWine says that all homeless are exempt from this part of the order, but suggest they find some kind of shelter away from so many people.
Page 1 of the Stay at Home Order

The order also prohibits the gathering of more than 10 people, rather it is inside or outside. All non-essential workplaces must shut down, and those that remain open must follow a series of requirements. Some of the things considered essential are grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, police and fire stations, hospitals and doctor offices, garbage/sanitation services, the post office, and public transportation. This order will last until April 6th, unless the order is modified. In his speech on Monday morning, Governor Mike DeWine said, “We haven’t faced an enemy like we are facing today in 102 years – we are at war.” “Right now, we are in a crucial time in this battle. What we do now will slow this invader so that our healthcare system will have time to treat those who have contracted COVID-19 and have time to treat those who have other medical problems. Time is of the essence.”

Ohio isn’t the only one taking these precautions: Massachusetts, California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey have made similar orders advising their residents to stay at home. Staying at home would drastically slow down the spreading of this disease which would be a relief for healthcare providers as they are running low on supplies. We already have a shortage of masks and tests for the Coronavirus. To help with this, the CDC orders people at high risk be the first tested for it.

Although the CDC is still working on creating a vaccine for this virus, multiple states are passing bills allowing the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, old malaria drugs, to help treat the virus. This bill prohibits the distribution of this drug unless the prescription has a written code on it and the person has a confirmed positive test documented on the prescription. The prescription may only be given in a fourteen-day supply and no refills are allowed unless you get a new prescription.
Map of places with the coronavirus

In Ohio, there have been 351 confirmed cases over 40 different counties. Among those 351 people, 3 have died and 83 hospitalized. In the United States as a whole, there are 42,443 confirmed cases and 517 deaths. Out of those 42,443 people, 295 have already recovered, and 98% are in mild condition and expected to make a recovery. Worldwide there are approximately 375,225 confirmed cases with 16,359 deaths and 101,584 recovered.

With so many children out of school and parents out of work, what can you do during these times? You are still allowed to go out on walks, parks are still opened (playgrounds are closed), you can call relatives and check in on friends, you can use this time to find a new hobby, or you can check out more articles on The General Idea. As for money, you should save where you can while our government is finding ways to lower the bills for all the people affected by unemployment. People should not freak out and buy stores out of all the essential needs as it will make the panic worse. You should remain calm and try to leave the house as little as possible to help stop the spreading of this virus so we can return to our normal lives as soon as possible.