I’m Aggravated, Are You?: Removal of the Bathroom Doors


Recently at Sheridan High school the administration has decided to remove the doors in the entry way to each bathroom throughout the building.

Several things have been banned recently at Sheridan High School. The list includes cell phones, the ability to carry book bags to and from classes, and most recently bathroom doors. Most of these are understandable,  however, the removal of the  bathroom door  has quickly become a controversial issue amongst the students. We decided to ask many students how they feel on the issue and what they think is in store next for them.

In this video Jensen Wolfe interviews w students from Sheridan High school including: Carson Brofford (senior), Abby Tolliver (senior), Beau Hatem (freshman), Kayla Holden (junior), Kyle Peters (sophomore), The Benjamin Chennells (teacher), Thomas Bonkowski (junior), Ashley James (junior), two students who wish to remain anonymous, and The Benjamin Chennells (teacher). These students were brave enough to share their opinions on this extremely controversial issue at Sheridan High School.

To see what they said -and form your own opinion-about this controversial school issue, watch the video below.

Paige Fisher