Thomas Bonkowski: Elvis Is In The House


There are many talented students here at Sheridan High School. Some you can spot right away, but some you have to look a little closer to find. For example, Thomas Bonkowski.

Thomas is a junior, and we all know that he is funny and thoughtful, and basically just an all around great guy. However, you may not know that he is actually an aspiring country singer as well. He has been singing since middle school, and has many role models and inspirations in his life, not just from the singing world. Thomas’s best friend is Beau Taylor because they grew up together, and have known each other since day one.  He is a big fan of Elvis, Luke Bryan, and Josh Turner. Thomas likes Turner because he idolizes Turner’s voice, and strives to be as famous as him. He likes Elvis Presley because his mom and dad’s wedding song was an Elvis song, and is inspired by Elvis’s wild and free spirit.

Thomas is trying to start up a band with Chris Brison, Ashton Tipton, and Caleb Mohr, and his favorite quote is “You only pass through this life once and you don’t come back for an encore.” as said by Elvis Presley.

Get to know Thomas a little better, and even hear some of his talent in the video below.

Ally Perkins